Main Idea
Context Clues
Author's Purpose

The definition of main idea.

What the story is mostly about.

The definition of context clues.
Using clues from a story to figure out to figure out the meaning of an unknown word
What is author's purpose?
What is knowing why the author writes in a certain way for their audience.
What is the theme of a story?
What is the lesson or moral of the story.
The definition of an inference.
What is using background knowledge and clues from the story to understand what is going on in the story
Horses run away from danger. If cornered, they will kick or bite. A porcupine has sharp quills that protect it from its enemies. Opossums play dead to avoid danger. A kangeroo kicks out with their powerful hind legs. What is the main idea of this passage?
What is animals defend themselves in different ways to avoid danger.
Our hockey team was far superior to any other team in the league. We had not lost a game yet! What does "superior" mean?
What is the best/better than the rest.
The author's purpose in writing the book, "George Washington Carver: The Peanut Wizard" is to: a. to give facts about peanuts b. to tell how to grow peanuts c. to convice the reader to eat peanuts d. learn about the life of George Washington Carver?
d. learn about the life of George Washington Carver

 POP UP What are the Three Bs of OAKMONT? 

Be Safe 

Be Respectful 

Be Responsible 

Every day for two weeks, Gabby asked if it was her birthday yet. She was looking forward to her party. On the day before the party, she kept asking if it was time every few hours. How was Gabby feeling?
What is impatient.
Main Idea: Kangaroo tails are muscular, long and thick at the base. Which is a supporting detail? A. Their tails help them balance and turn when they're hopping. B. Kangaroos also have a pouch, where they carry their babies. C. Kangaroos live in Australia. D. Kangaroos kick their hind legs to defend themselves against predators.
What is Their tails help them balance and turn when they're hopping.
The boy lingered in the stands after the concert. He was hoping to watch the band members pack up. What does "lingered" mean?
What is to stay around.
A Pittsburgh Steelers fan writes a newspaper article titled, "The Best Football Team in The Nation." The purpose of this article is to: a. tell a story about his son who went to a Steelers game b. teach how to play football c. persuade or convince the reader that The Steelers are the best
c. persuade or convince the reader that The Steelers are the best
We read a story about a selfish emperor who hired some tailors to make him some special clothes that would be invisible to stupid people. The tailors cheated him and stole his wealth. What is a theme for this story?
What is We should treat all people with respect and not act like we are better than others.
Bobby's dog Pilot somehow got loose. Bobby hasn't seen him for several days. Bobby doesn't feel like eating, and he can't sleep. He just wants Pilot to come home. How does Bobby feel about losing his dog?
What is sad/depressed/upset.

There are eight planets in the Solar System, and each one is very different. Some planets, like Jupiter and Saturn are very large. Others, like Mercury and Mars are smaller. Some planets have moons and others do not. Earth has life on the planet, yet no other planet does. 

The eight planets in the Solar System are very different.

Keep your speech concise to save time. We have many students who need to present their reports. What does "concise" mean?
What is short.
What is the author's main purpose in writing "Drawing Animals?" a. to describe the way animals look b. to instruct how to draw animals c. to give facts about animals d. to tell a story about animals
instruct how to draw animals
Jason's mom worked hard for what they had. His father passed away years ago, and their tiny apartment on the third floor seemed to get smaller every day. Every day that he went to school, he was jealous of the fancy clothes other kids had. That night he talked to his mom and understood their situation. He then watched the news and saw how others had less than him. What is a possible theme for this story?
What is Be thankful for what you have.
Hank fell off his brand new bicycle. He cut his leg, so he went home to clean the cut. He could not stop the bleeding. His mom decided to take him to the doctor. What will most likely happen next?
What is the doctor will put stitches in his leg.

POP UP  True or False

Mrs. Alley loves snakes. 


The auditorium looks like it is filled to capacity. I don't think we will find an empty seat. What does "capacity" mean?
What is the largest amount possible.


 What are synonyms? 

 Words that mean the same or about the same. 



What figurative language is this..... 

I was as hungry as a bear! 


Jenny was nervous about her math test. It really wasn't her best subject. She studied hard every night for a whole week. After the teacher handed out the tests, Jenny looked her copy over and smiled. What probably caused James to smile?
What is she knew she was going to do well or she knew how to do all the things on the test.