Fractions and Probability
Abouts and Estimates
Word Problems
Perimeter and Area
Shelby has 10 M&Ms. 3 were blue, 2 were red, 4 were orange, and 1 was green. What fraction of the M&Ms were red and green?
What is 3/10
At the Rangers game, there were 589 fans wearing red, 422 wearing blue, and 174 wearing white. About how many fans were there all together?
What is 1,185
Caleb earned 10 points in the first round of a game. In the second round, he lost 3 points. In the third round, he earned another 5 points. What expression can be used to find the number of points Caleb has now?
What is 10-3+5
What is the name of a shape with three sides?
What is a triangle
Josh has a square garden. One side of the garden is 15 feet. What is the perimeter of Josh's garden?
What is 60 feet.
Amy has a bag of marbles. She has 10 shiny ones, 4 rainbow, and 2 white. Which one is she most likely to choose out of the bag?
What is the shiny ones
Stacy saved $23 to buy a new game. The game costs $45. About how much more money does Stacy need to buy her new game?
What is $30
Meghan's third grade class had 9 spelling words each week this year. There are 38 weeks in the school year. How many spelling words did the class have in all?
What is 342 spelling words
What shape is a can of soup?
What is a cylinder
Clay's neighborhood is a rectangle. The long side is 3 miles and the short side is 2 miles. What is the perimeter of Clay's neighborhood?
What is 10 miles
Doug has a sack of snack mix. There are 12 chocolate chips, 15 peanuts, 7 raisins, and 9 sunflower seeds. Which is he least likely to choose?
What is raisins
The temperature on Saturday was 96 degrees. The temperature on Sunday was 73 degrees. About how much warmer was it on Saturday?
What is 30 degrees
Each chapter of Emily's book has 12 pages. How many pages will she have read if she is finished with 4 chapters?
What is 48 pages
What is the name of a shape that has five sides?
What is a pentagon
Michelle is putting her horse in its stall. The stall is a rectangle. The long side is 9 feet. The short side is 5 feet. What is the area of the stall?
What is 45 feet
Rhonda has seven posters hanging on her wall. She has 2 posters of her favorite band, 4 posters of her favorite sports teams, and 1 poster of the ocean. Which statement is NOT true about Rhonda's posters? 4/7 are sports teams 2/7 are her favorite band 6/7 are not pictures of the ocean 2/7 are pictures of the ocean
What is 2/7 are pictures of the ocean
Travis, Ashleigh, and Alan were estimating how long the cafeteria wall was. Which estimate is the most resonable? Travis=20 feet Ashleigh=45 inches Alan=15 miles
What is Travis
Four students guessed the height of the classroom door. Which student had the most reasonable estimate? Bonnie=25 inches Damon=8 miles Claire=6 feet Anne=4 miles
What is Claire
What is the name of a shape that has eight sides?
What is an octagon
Christen drew a picture of an equilateral triangle. One side is 16 inches long. What is the perimeter of the triangle?
What is 48 inches
Sarah and Austin are playing a game. Sarah has won 5 gold pieces. Austin has won 7 gold pieces. There are 15 gold pieces altogether. What fraction of pieces has Sarah won?
What is 5/15
Emma, Natalie, and Davy were combining their money to get a bicycle. Emma had $32, Natalie had $57, and Davy had $41. About how much money do they have altogether?
What is $130
Bobby waited 50 minutes in line to buy a ticket for a play. While waiting, he read for 25 minutes and played his video game for 12 minutes. The rest of the time, he talked to his best friend Logan. How long did Bobby talk to Logan?
What is 13 minutes
What is the name for all shapes that have four sides?
What is quadrilateral
Krystal and Cameron are going to ride their bikes all the way around the park. The park is in the shape of a square. One side of the park is 45 feet long. What is the perimeter of the park?
What is 180 feet
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