Sam has tomato plants in his backyard. This year the plants grew 127 tomatoes. Birds had eaten 19 of the tomatoes. 23 tomatoes had been ruined by bugs. He picked the rest. How many tomatoes did Sam pick?
What is 85 tomatoes?
Steven bought two boxes of erasers. One box had 24 erasers in it. The other box had 36 erasers in it. He then gave 18 of his erasers to his friend. How many erasers did Steven have left?
What is 42 erasers?
Joe is learning to play the trumpet. On Monday he practiced from 6:30 until 7:05. On Tuesday he practiced from 3:55 until 4:15. How many minutes did he practice in all over the two days?
What is 55 minutes? ** DOUBLE POINTS **
Uncle Ben has 440 chickens on his farm. 39 are roosters and the rest are hens. 15 of his hens do not lay eggs. The rest lay eggs. How many egg-laying hens does Uncle Ben have on his farm?
What is 386 hens?
Hillary's teacher assigned 60 minutes of reading during the weekend. On Friday night, Hillary read for 16 minutes. On Saturday she read for 28 minutes. How many minutes does Hillary have to read on Sunday to complete the assignment?
What is 16 minutes
Lamar Reese Magnet School of the Arts has 124 first graders and 130 second graders. On Friday, 12 first graders and 9 second graders were absent. How many first and second graders were in school on Friday?
What is 233 first and second graders?
In football, a player scores 6 points for a touchdown and 3 points for a field goal. Kingston's team scored 2 touchdowns in this week's game. Last week they scored 1 touchdown and 1 field goal. How many points did Kingston's team score in both games combined?
What is 21 points?
At the Tasty Bakery, cupcakes cost fifty-cents each. Bagels cost a dollar twenty-five. How much more do two bagels cost than two cupcakes?
What is $1.50.
Aunt Mary milks her cows twice a day. This morning, she got 365 gallons of milk. This evening she got 380 gallons. She sold 612 gallons to the local ice cream factory. How many gallons of milk does she have left?
What is 133 gallons?
Carlton and Will went fishing together. Carlton caught 21 bass and 7 walleye. Will caught 13 bass and 8 walleye. How many more fish did Carlton catch than Will?
What is 7 more fish.
Michael and David went to Fun Park. Michael won 152 tickets. David won 84 tickets. They want to put their tickets together to get a large toy monkey that costs 300 tickets. How many more tickets do they need?
What is 64 more tickets?
Mia bought a sketch book with 125 blank pages in it. She tears out 7 blank pages for her friend to draw on. Mia draws pictures on 64 pages. How many blank pages does she have left?
What is 54 blank pages?
Ashton had two boxes of pencils with 14 pencils in each box. He gave six pencils to his brother. How many pencils did Ashton have left?
What is 22 pencils?
Mr. Parker has 982 pounds of grain. He feeds 240 pounds to his pigs and 460 to his cows. How much grain does he have left?
What is 282 pounds of grain?
Dr. Banks had 330 toothbrushes to give away to his patients. He gave away 53 toothbrushes in January. He gave away 67 toothbrushes in February. In March he gave away 46 toothbrushes. How many toothbrushes does he have left?
What is 164 toothbrushes.
Allini and Dennis make cookies for the school bake sale. Allini baked 72 cookies. Dennis baked twice as many as Allini. How many cookies did they bake altogether?
What is 216 cookies?
Luke had (2) ten dollar bills. His younger sister Nichelle had a five dollar bill. They combined their money to buy a gift for their father that cost $22. How much change did they receive?
What is $3?
Jimmy and Kelly ran a snack stand in their front yard. They sold cookies for 5¢, apples for 6¢ and cupcakes for 10¢. They sold 3 cookies, 2 cupcakes, and 1 apple. How much money did they make altogether?
What is 41 cents?
Peter has four horses. Each one eats 4 pounds of oats, twice a day. How many pounds of oats does he need to feed his horses for 3 days?
What is 96 pounds of oats
Troymiah has 34 stuffed animals. Ty'Johnna has twice as many as Troymiah. How many stuffed animals do the two girls have in all?
What is 102 stuffed animals.
Madison is reading a book that has 232 pages in it. She read 42 pages over the weekend. Then she read 30 more pages on Monday night. How many pages does Madison have left to read?
What is 160 pages?
Tricia's mother let her play outside for 15 minutes. When she went outside, she played with her dog for 5 minutes. Then she rode her bike for 4 minutes. She spent the rest of the time catching bugs. How many minutes did Tricia spend catching bugs?
What is 6 minutes?
Christopher and his brother played hockey in their living room. Each goal was worth 2 points. Christopher scored 6 points. His brother scored 8 points. How many GOALS did they score altogether?
What is 7 goals?
The bakers at the Beverly Hills Bakery baked 200 loaves of bread on Monday morning. They sold 93 loaves in the morning and 39 loaves in the afternoon. How many loaves of bread did they have left?
What is 68 loaves.
Noah brought 60 cupcakes to school on his birthday. He gave a cupcake to each of the 25 students in Mrs. Smith's class. He also gave a cupcake to each of the 25 students in Mrs. Middlebrook's class. He also gave a cupcake to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Middlebrooks, Ms. Burks, Ms. Whitmire, Mrs. Bradford, and Dr. Shumate. How many cupcakes did he have left over?
What is 4 cupcakes?