Jane traveled on an airplane twice last year. In February, she traveled 343 miles. In June, she traveled 587 miles. How many miles did she fly?
What is 930 miles?
Black Rooster Bakery sold 489 pastries on Thursday and 604 on Friday. How many more pastries did they sell on Friday than on Thursday?
What is 115 pastries?
Ms. Abbey collected 8 sunflowers from a nearby field. If each sunflower has twelve petals, how many petals does Ms. Abbey's sunflowers have altogether?
What is 96 petals?
Rosa planted 28 herbs in her garden. If she planted them in rows of 7, how many rows did she plant?
What is 4 rows?
Mr. Elizondo shipped popsicles to another school last week. -He shipped 1,432 strawberry popsicles. -He shipped 765 grape popsicles. -He shipped 537 orange popsicles. How many more strawberry did he ship than grape and orange popsicles combined?
What is 130?
Maria had $150 in her bank account. She put $234 in her account last week and $187 in her account this week. Maria has about how much money now?
What is $600?
Roger has 932 cows in two fields. He has 498 cows in one field. About how many cows does he have in the other?
What is about 400 cows?
The cafeteria uses 97 trays a day. How many trays will the cafeteria use after 8 days?
What is 776 trays?
Mrs. Kick has 132 books. If she puts them equally on 11 shelves, how many books will be on each shelf?
What is 12 books?
Kiara had a total of 97 DVDs to put in stacks. She put 34 DVDs in one stack and 42 DVDs in a second stack. How many did she have left to put into another stack?
What is 21 DVDs?
Ximena used small, medium, and large ice cream cones to serve ice cream. She used 257 small cones. She used 59 more medium cones than small. She used 42 more large cones than medium. How many large cones did Ximena use to serve ice cream?
What is 358 cones?
A company received 2,479 phone calls in January. The company received 3,712 calls in February. What is the difference between how many calls were received in January and February?
What is 1,233 calls?
Sofia started a collection of coins. She has 6 jars. If she can fit 35 coins in each jar, how many coins will she have?
What is 210 coins?
Ralph has 72 Pokemon cards. He puts them in 9 different stacks. Then decides to separate each of those stacks into two stacks. How many cards are in each of the new stacks?
What is 4 cards?
Jose started playing Pokemon Go first thing in the morning when it was 57 degrees outside. The temperature rose 21 degrees by noon and fell 17 degrees by evening. What was the temperature at the end of the day?
What is 61 degrees?
Lily B. Clayton has a lot of textbooks in the school. There are 412 math books, 347 reading books, 425 science books, 452 social studies books, and 396 health books. Approximately how many math, social studies, and health books does Lily B. Clayton have?
What is 1,300 books?
Jeff had $88 when he started his shopping trip. He spent $41 at Target and $39 at Lowe's. How much money did he have left at the end of his shopping trip?
What is $8?
Mrs. Ballard has 2 dozen students in her class. All the students are wearing tennis shoes. How many tennis shoes are in Mrs. Ballard's class?
What is 48 shoes?
Carlos has soccer practice for 24 hours every month. If he has 12 practices a month. How many hours does he practice each time?
What is 2 hours?
There are two different fruits in a garden. - There are 3 rows of strawberry plants with 7 plants in each row. -There are 39 blackberry plants. How many fruit plants are there?
What is 60 plants?
Hope read 104 pages of her book on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she read 97 pages. Thursday she read 113 pages. How many pages did she read over the three days?
What is 314?
There were 400 donuts at a donut shop. The shop sold 123 donuts by 8 AM. By 9 AM, they had sold 239. How much did they have left to sell for the rest of the day?
What is 38?
Mallory made friendship bracelets for her 7 friends. She used 2 sets of strings for each bracelet. There are five strings in each set. How many strings did she use?
What is 70 strings?
84 3rd graders were divided equally among 4 classes. When they go on field trips, each class is put into 3 smaller groups. How many kids are in each group?
What is 7 kids?
There are 4 times as many zebras as lions at the zoo. There are twice as many lions as elephants. There are 6 elephants. How many lions and zebras at the zoo?
What is 12 lions and 48 zebras?
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