Number Sense and Operations
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Geometry and Spatial Sense
Data Analysis and Probability
There are about 525,600 minutes in a year. What is this number rounded to the nearest thousand? A. 500,000 B. 525,000 C. 526, 000 D. 530,000
What is C. 526, 000
Rocco made this pattern: 53, 48, 43, 38. Which describes the rule for Rocco's pattern? A. subtract 15 B. subtract 10 C. subtract 5 D. subtract 3
What is C. subtract 5
What unit of measurement is likely to be used to find the length of a border around a bulletin board? A. inches B. square feet C. cubic yards D. miles
What is A. inches
Roy drew a triangle with exactly two congruent angles and two congruent sides. What kind of triangle did Roy draw? A. equlangular B. equilateral C. isosceles D. scalene
What is C. isosceles
Alan will be gathering data about the temperature. Which part of Alan's data collection plan should come first? A. create a graph to display the data B. record the data C. choose a place and time to collect the data each day D. interpret the data
What is C. choose a place and time to collect the data each day
Erik walked Mrs. Johnson's dog each day for six days. He earned $1.25 each day. How much money did Erik earn? A. $4.75 B. $6.25 C. $7.25 D. $7.50
What is D. $7.50
Scott added seven to a number and the answer was less than 12. Which inequality represents this situation? A. 12 - 7 < ? B. ? +12 < 7 C. ? - 7 < 12 D. ? +7 < 12
What is D. ? +7 < 12
Which unit is appropriate for measuring the area of the bottom of a pan? A. inch B. foot C. square inch D. cubic foot
What is C. square inch
How are a rhombus and a square alike? A. They both have four equal sides B. They both have four right angles C. They both have four equal angles D. They both have only one pair of parallel sides
What is A. They both have four equal sides
Fred recorded the heights, in inches, of the students in his class. The range of the data was 15. Which statement is true about Fred's data? A. Fred found that 15 students are all the same height. B. The height of the shortest student is 15 inches. C. Fred recorded the height of 15 students in his class. D. The tallest student is 15 inches taller than the shortest student.
What is D. The tallest student is 15 inches taller than the shortest student.
Aaron saved $60 to buy airplane models for his collection. The cost of each model with tax is $7. How many models can he buy? A. 4 B. 8 C. 9 D. 12
What is B. 8
Courtney starts with 12 birdhouses. She makes 3 new birdhouses each week. Which pattern shows the number of birdhouses Courtney has at the end of each week? A. 3, 6, 9, 12 B. 3, 15, 18, 21 C. 12, 24, 36, 48 D. 12, 15, 18, 21
What is D. 12, 15, 18, 21
Robin measured the length of a piece of rope and found it to be 12 feet long. What would happen to the number of units if Robin measured the length of the rope in yards instead of feet? A. There would be no units B. There would be more units C. There would be fewer units D. There would be the same number of units
What is C. There would be fewer units
Luke used his pencil to poke a small hole through a sheet of unlined paper. Which geometric terms can be used to describe the hole in the paper? A. a point on a line B. a line on a point C. a line on a plane D. a point on a plane
What is D. a point on a plane
Anita placed the following tiles into a bag. Red: 6 Blue: 11 Yellow: 15 Green: 5 Anita picked one tile from the bag without looking. Which shows the colors listed in order from least likely to be picked to the most likely? A. green, red, yellow, blue B. green, red, blue, yellow C. yellow, blue, green, red D. red, blue, yellow, green
What is B. green, red, blue, yellow
Tom ran a race in 27.34 seconds. It took Barry one hundredth of a second longer to run the race. How long did it take Barry to run the race? A. 27.341 B. 27.35 C. 27.44 D. 28.340
What is B. 27.35
Anthony's family plants 15 trees each weekend. What is the total number of tree Anthony's family planted after 5 weekends?
What is 75 trees
A place mat is 10 inches wide and 20 inches long. What is the perimeter of the mat? A. 30 inches B. 60 inches C. 100 inches D. 200 inches
What is B. 60 inches
What do a square, rectangle and trapezoid have in common? A. all have four right angles B. all have at least one set of parallel sides C. all have four equal angles D. all have at least one set of perpendicular lines
What is B. all have at least one set of parallel sides
The school principle plans to buy new equipment for the school's playground. He wants to know what equipment will be most popular for the students, but he does not have time to survey all the students in the school. Which group should he survey to get the best results? A. a group of 50 parents B. all the first-graders C. five students from each class D. 30 boys in the cafeteria
What is C. five students from each class
Four brothers had the following basketball free-throw averages last season. 0.405, 0.054, 0.541, 0.450 What is the order of these decimals from least to greatest?
What is 0.054,0.405, 0.450, 0.541
A theater has 14 rows of seats. Each row has the same number of seats. The theater has a total of 168 seats. Write and equation that can be used to find the number of seats, s, in each row.
What is 14 x s = 168
Paco is filling his fish tank with water. Which container should Paco use to make the fewest trips to the faucet? A. 1 cup container B. 1 gallon container C. 1 pint container D. 1 quart container
What is B. 1 gallon container
Ben has a triangular garden with all three sides congruent. What type of triangle is his garden in the shape of?
What is equilateral
Calvin plans to plant one type of flower and one type of vegetable in his garden. He chooses from: Flowers: roses or tulips Vegetables: Carrots or peas List all the different combinations of one flower and one vegetable that Calvin can plant.
What is roses and carrots, roses and peas, tulips and carrots, and tulips and peas