Theme Synonyms
Universal Theme
Short Stories
Characterization & Theme
Begins with an m and has five letters
What is moral.
Always tell the ___________.
What is truth.
Money Mark was born rich. He never had to work a day in his life and he got everything handed to him on a silver platter. When he was six, Money Mark wanted to go to a basketball game. His father paid the starting five of the Bulls and Celtics to play a private game of Nerf-ball in Money Mark's bedroom. When Money Mark turned thirteen, he wanted to start a band. His father hired the Rolling Stones to play with him every Saturday at the family's private concert hall, though his family was never there. By the time he was twenty-one, Money Mark was bored with life. He was surrounded by a bunch of possessions that he didn't appreciate and Money Mark could find nothing new or exciting in his life. Despite his vast wealth, Money Mark was never satisfied. What is the theme?
What is money can't buy happiness.
What is step one to identify the theme of a story?
What is identify the characters.
Jasmine was sitting in Mr. Bridges office. She was sobbing uncontrollably. "But I didn't do anything! It wasn't my fault," she said. Jasmine was in Mr. Bridges office at least three times a week for misbehaving in class. What character trait best describes Jasmine? a. jubliant b. cross c. afraid
What is cross.
Two words that begin with the letter L
What is life lesson.
________ your loved ones. _______ work pays off.
What are cherish and hard.
Tammy and Sammy were both students in Mr. Morton's reading class. Mr. Morton wasn't too strict about deadlines, and Sammy took advantage of that. He did all of his homework in his other classes but never bothered to complete Mr. Morton's reading assignments, figuring that he could complete them later. Tammy, on the other hand, completed each assignment Mr. Morton assigned the night that he assigned it. She had to stay up a little later, but she didn't want to get a penalty for turning in her reading work late. Tammy knew reading was a core subject and that she had to keep "C" average for the entire year or she would have to go to summer school. When the end of the quarter came, Tammy and Sammy had both planned on going to the Enchanted Castle amusement park, but Mr. Morton called Sammy's mother, and she grounded Sammy until he turned in all of his work. That weekend was horrible for Sammy. He stayed up until 2:00 AM each night and still couldn't complete all of the assignments. The whole while, Tammy had a great time eating pizza at Enchanted Castle, watching movies late at night, and enjoying her weekend free of stress and pressure. At the end of the quarter, Sammy was lucky to squeak by with a "C" minus in reading while Tammy earned an "A." Sammy still hasn't learned his lesson and probably won't complete this activity either. What is the theme? a. Do the best you can in school b. Work hard, play hard. c. Complete all your assignments to achieve success.
What is b. Work hard, play hard.
What is the second step to identify the theme of a story?
What is identify the character's beginning situation.
James looks forward to reading his favorite comic books everyday after school and on the weekends. He asked his mother if he could volunteer at the public library on the weekends to help sort the children's books. How would you describe James? a. independent b. enthusiastic c. curious
What is b. enthusiastic.
A __________ message
What is central message.
Do not judge someone by their looks. Judge a person based on their _______________.
What is character.
Mr. Pig and Mr. Dog were hanging out at the food court of the animal shopping mall. Mr. Pig was eating a huge feast of pizza and drinking a large jug of fruit punch and Mr. Dog was watching him eat. "Hey, Mr. Pig. If you give me a slice of your pizza, I'll let you have the next bone I find." Mr. Pig declined, even though it hurt his stomach to eat the last three slices of pizza. "I'm sorry, Mr. Dog," Mr. Pig said, "but I paid for this pizza and it's all mine." Mr. Dog sighed and waited for Mr. Pig to finish, and then they left the animal mall together. On the way out, a hunter spotted them and gave chase. Mr. Pig normally could have escaped the hunter but since he was weighed down by such a large meal, Mr. Pig collapsed and the hunter killed him. Mr. Dog easily escaped. Later that night while returning to the scene, Mr. Dog caught the scent of something delicious and began digging around a trash can. He found a large ham bone with lots of meat and marrow still stuck to the bone. Mr. Dog happily ate. What is the theme? a. Watch out for danger b. Treat others the way you want to be treated c. It is better to share than to be greedy.
What is c. It is better to share than to be greedy.
What is the third step to identify the theme of a story?
What is identify the character's end situation.
What is an antonym for the character trait attentive? a. eager b. capable c. uninterested
what is c. uninterested
Guess this synonym for theme: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
What is big idea.
A universal theme cannot include two components. What are these two components?
What are the characters and plot.
Blaine opened up the present and began pouting. He screamed in a high-pitched voice, "This is Captain Thunder! I wanted Captain Lightning!" His mother looked at him with dismay and handed him another present, which he greedily opened. "Why did you get me a red hat? You know I like blue more," Blaine whined as he threw the hat across the room. His mother straightened her expression and squinted at him. Earlier she had hoped to take some pictures of this moment, but by now she had put away her camera. She sighed and handed him one more present in hopes that this year wouldn't be a total bust. Blaine huffed and opened it. "A Game Box 4000� wow. Where's the Game Box 5000 that I asked for?" His mother could bear his ingratitude no longer. The next time that Blaine returned from his father's house, he was shocked to find that all of these toys and gifts, along with many other of his things, had been generously donated to needy children. What is the theme?
What is be thankful for what you have in life.
What is the fourth step to identify the theme of a story?
What is ask yourself what did the characters learn in the story.
Ray sends his sketches to the local newspaper weekly in hopes that his sketch will be published for the comic section. After he has completed his homework, he watches tutorials on how to incorporate new designs into his sketches. How would you describe Ray? a. ambitious b. discouraged c. happy
What is a. ambitious
It can apply to any story, person, or culture.
What is universal theme.
There can only be one theme or universal theme in a story. True or False.
What is false.
Alan had very few responsibilities, but one of them was to clean his room. It did not take long, but Alan still didn't like doing it. One day Alan thought of a way to save some time. Rather than putting everything neatly back in its place, he decided to just throw all the stuff on the floor into his closet. His mom would think that he had cleaned his room, and it would only take a fraction of the time. Alan was pleased with himself for thinking of this brilliant idea. He figured that this would save a lot of time and energy. The next time his room got messy, he piled everything up in the closet and the pile grew. It grew and grew. Then Alan's friend Steve called. "Alan, everyone is playing baseball at the park. Do you want to play too?" Alan loved baseball. "That sounds great, Steve. I'll be right there." Alan went to grab his baseball mitt when he realized that it wasn't in its usual place. Alan thought to himself, I guess it's in the closet. When he opened up the closet door, he was faced with a huge, unnavigable mess, some of which poured out as he opened the door. Alan began digging through the pile in a frantic attempt to find his mitt. He dug and dug, and as he dug his room got messier and messier. Soon his room was the messiest that it had ever been, and he still hadn't found his mitt. Alan sighed in despair. By the time he found his mitt, the boys had long concluded their game and Alan had hours of cleaning ahead of him before he'd be allowed to leave. What is the theme? a. Cutting corners comes at a cost; do things right the first time. b. Take shortcuts in life. c. Do things right the first time to enjoy your friends and family.
What is a. cutting corners comes at a cost; do things right the first time.
Even though they were sisters, Suzie and June were nothing alike. If Suzie wanted to jump rope, June wanted to play hopscotch. If June wanted to watch soap operas, Suzie wanted to watch talk shows. Tensions rose to the point that the girls could no longer stand one another's company. It seemed that they had nothing in common, until the day that progress reports came out. While riding the bus home from school, the girls�startled by how upset the other looked�realized that they were both failing a subject. Suzie was failing math and June was failing reading. Since both girls wanted to pass their classes, they got to talking and agreed to help one another. So everyday after school for the next few weeks, Suzie tutored June in reading and then June tutored Suzie in math. By the time report cards came were distributed, Suzie and June were passing all of their classes. The girls were delighted, but their mother was happiest of all. Not just because her daughters passed their classes, but because they had learned to be good sisters. What is the theme? a. It is better to work together; two heads are better than one. b. Treat your friends and family members with respect. c. Persevere; hard work pays off.
What is a. It is better to work together; two heads are better than one.
The message that is in the story or what the story is about.
What is theme.
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