Muscular and Skeletal
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular/Circulatory System
Nervous System
Digestive System

Which system does the skeletal system work with to create movement in the body

Muscular system


What is the main function of the respiratory system? What does it give to the body and what does it get rid of?

Breathing.  Gives the body oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide (waste)


What is the main function (or job) of the cardiovascular system?

To send oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body through the bloodstream.  Also, it helps the body to get rid of waste (carbon dioxide)


What are the three main parts of the nervous system?

The brain, spinal cord, and nerves.


What is the main purpose of the digestive system?

To turn food into energy for the body


What are the two main functions of the muscular system? 

Movement and producing heat


What are the four main parts of the respiratory system?

Nose, Trachea, Lungs, and the diaphragm


What are the three main parts of the cardiovascular system?

The heart, blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries), and blood cells


What organ is the control center (command center) for the body?

The Brain


What are the 5 main parts of the digestive system?

Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, and Large Intestine.


What are the three main types of muscles found in the body?

Smooth Muscles - digestive system, respiratory system (involuntary)

Cardiac Muscles - heart muscles that help pump blood (involuntary)

Skeletal Muscles - Help move bones (voluntary)


What causes the lungs to take in oxygen and push out carbon dioxide (C02).  What organ helps the lungs to operate?

The diaphragm.  When the diaphragm contracts you breathe in and when it relaxes you breathe out.  


1. Carries oxygen rich blood away from the heart to all parts of the body?

2. Carries oxygen poor blood from the body back to the heart?

1. Arteries

2. Veins


What part of the nervous system helps sends signals to and from the brain? (Also known as the highway of the nervous system)

The Spinal Cord


Which part of the digestive system absorbs nutrients from food?

The small intestines


Where two or more bones meet together.



Which system does the respiratory work with to transport oxygen to all parts of the body?

The Circulatory system.  The oxygen travels through the blood stream.


Which two systems does the cardiovascular system work with to send oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body?

The respiratory system and the digestive system


How do messages get to and from the brain to all parts of the body

The Nerves


What is inside your stomach that helps to break down food and separates the nutrients inside of food?

Stomach Acid


List the four main functions (jobs) if the skeletal system

1. Protect vital organs

2. Give shape/posture to body

3. Create red blood cells

4. Movement


After we breathe in oxygen to our lungs, where does the oxygen go before it is sent to all parts of the body?

Oxygen is sent to the heart then it is transported to all parts of the body through the blood stream.


Where does the Heart send deoxygenated blood?

To the Lungs 


What body system does the nervous system control?

All of them

Skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive


Which body system works with the digestive system to help transport nutrients all throughout the body?

Circulatory System

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