Teacher Facts
Hallway Harmony
Bathroom Basics
Lunchroom Lowdown
Randomly Random
The number of 5th grade classrooms at Riverbend
What is 3
When in the hallways, where should your hands be at all times?
What is by your side or in your pockets.
How do I travel to the bathroom?
What is walk the entire way to and from the bathroom.
If you bring a cold lunch, where to you go in the lunch room?
What is to the 'cold lunch tables'.
Our principal's name
What is "Mr. Hulbert".
Spell your teacher's name.
What is LaMar or Vaughan or Klym
In the hallway, where should your eyes be looking?
What is forward, think of it as the "hair stare"
After I use done using the toilet and have exited the stall, what is the next task?
What is wash your hands with soap and water.
What is the rule about talking in the lunch line?
What is use a low voice. Stop if an adult gives a signal for the lunch room to be silent.
The color of Mr. Hulbert's hair.
What is nothing, he is bald.
What is new about our hallway?
2 new classrooms
When in the hallway, what is the rule about talking?
What is "no talking", keep the voices off.
What do you do with the paper towel?
What is drop it in carefully into the garbage can.
A student near year grabs your arm and swings you around. What do you do?
What is ask them to stop. Do NOT join in and do the same thing back to them.
What times does the school day actually START?
What is 8:35 AM
The name of the 'you are rocking the expectations' slip of paper.
What are "Rockin' Rapids"
While in the hallway you see a friend. The friend yells out loud to you. What should you do in return?
What is the 'silent wave' with your hand, then eyes back to the 'hair stare'. You do NOT talk or yell back to the person.
If there is water and/or soap on the bathroom floor or walls, what should you do?
What is tell your teacher and/or Ms. Terri.
How many students may be getting a milk and waiting for the lunch payment machine (where you type in your lunch number)?
What is three students. Everyone else must wait behind the line.
This term means persistence, sticking with something that is tough, setting a long-term goal and not giving up. What is the word that describes this trait?
What is: Grit
The name of our school secretary.
Who is Ms. Terri
While in the hallway your friend turns around to talk to you about their annoying little cousin. What should you do?
What is give them the silent signal (hands to lips, hand up in a stop signal, etc). Do NOT reply and engage in a conversation.
You are in class and you have to use the bathroom. How do you let your teacher know that you need to go? What rules are in place in your class?
What is: In Mrs. LaMar's room: Use the hand signal for bathroom. Sign out and then back in to class. In Ms. Vaughan's room: In Mr. Down's room:
How do you know you can get up from your lunch table and clean up your lunch tray/home lunch?
Your table is excused by the adult in charge. Then you take your tray to the tray return line.
How many iPads are in your classroom?
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