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15/25 simplified

What is 3/5?


Read this passage (all questions in this category will be about this passage)

Kat woke up feeling unsure on the morning of school picture day, though it was usually a day that she loved. She thought it was cool to wear something besides the boring school uniform she had to wear every other day. And it was fun that everyone got to leave class early to get their photos taken. Today, however, Kat felt disappointed as she looked at the outfit that her parents had picked out the night before.

Hanging on her door was a pretty lilac dress, to be worn over a girly white blouse and paired with white flats. To top it all off, her mother had selected a big purple bow to clip into her dreadlocked hair. Kat reluctantly put on the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror as she straightened the bow. She frowned at her reflection.

“Ugh, I don’t want to wear this dress,” Kat said to herself as she fiddled with it. “I wish I could just wear my pants.” Suddenly, she had an idea. She went to her older brother Charles’s room, slowly pushing open the door and peering inside to make sure he wasn’t there. The coast was clear. Kat scanned the messy bedroom and her eyes landed on his closet. “Hmm…we’re about the same size,” Kat murmured as she opened Charles’s closet. Her eyes widened at the options.

“Kat! Breakfast!” her mother yelled from downstairs. Kat went to the kitchen where her family—her parents, brother, and her grandparents who were visiting from Trinidad—were all having a lively conversation. The chatter stopped as Kat entered the kitchen in the outfit she had picked out: a navy-blue suit with her locs slicked back into a ponytail.

“Kat, honey, what are you wearing? Why aren’t you dressed for picture day?” her grandmother asked with a faint accent.

“Hey! That’s my suit!” Charles exclaimed.

“I borrowed it,” Kat responded. “This is what I want to wear today.”

“What?” her mother asked, feeling confused. “I picked out such a nice dress for you. You don’t like it? We can pick out a different one.”

“I don’t want to wear any dress. I want to wear a suit.”

“But usually we only see boys wearing suits on picture day,” said her father. “Your classmates might not be so nice about you wearing that.”

“Dad, come on!” Kat said, rolling her eyes. “Clothes are just… clothes. Besides, I feel way more comfortable in this suit than I do in that dress.”

Kat’s family was silent for a moment before Charles chimed in, “I think you look great in my suit!” Kat smiled gratefully in his direction.

“You know, Charles is right,” said Kat’s mother, straightening the shoulders on Kat’s suit jacket. “You do look good. Would you like your father to show you how to tie a tie?” She looked over to Kat’s father, who nodded and raised his eyebrows in Kat’s direction.

Kat grinned. “Got any cool patterns?”

When Kat walked into the gymnasium later that day, she noticed a few kids pointing and staring at her outfit. Some kids were even whispering about it. Maybe I made a mistake, she thought as she looked down at the navy blue wool of her suit.

Kat gulped nervously as a group of classmates came over. When her friend Anna glanced at her silently, Kat held her breath. “Wow,” Anna said, softly, “I love your suit.” Anna pointed down at her own dress and added, “I wish I could have worn pants today.”

“Yeah, your tie is really cool, too,” added Kat’s classmate Tyrone.

Kat exhaled deeply, then said “Thanks! My dad helped me tie it.”


The classmates started chatting all about their mornings as they waited to be called up by the photographer. Soon, it was Kat’s turn to get her photo taken. She sat on the stool, adjusted her tie, and beamed her widest, happiest smile at the camera.


Name a common and a proper noun

answers will vary



You just won 300 points for free!


the dog runned acrost the streat to get his bown

The dog ran across the street to get his bone.


What is 34 divided by 7?

What is 4 R6? or 4 6/7


How does Kat feel when she looks at the dress that her parents picked for her to wear

  1. happy 
  2. excited
  3. angry
  4. disappointed  
  5. disappointed

4. disappointed


What is a palindrome?

What is a word spelled the same backwards or forwards?

example: tot


The 44th President of the United States 

Who is Barack Obama?


First, you take out all the listed ingredients and place them on the counter. Next, you measure the flour and water and spread the dough out in the shape of a circle. Lastly, evenly spread the sauce and cheese on top and bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees in the oven. Cut the pie into eight slices and enjoy your pizza!

Answers will vary, but it should be a topic sentence about how to make a pizza.


What are all the Prime numbers to 20?

What is 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19?


“'But usually we only see boys wearing suits on picture day,' said her father. 'Your classmates might not be so nice about you wearing that.'

'Dad, come on!' Kat said, rolling her eyes. 'Clothes are just… clothes. Besides, I feel way more comfortable in this suit than I do in that dress.'”

What can you conclude about Kat based on this information?

She cares more about feeling comfortable in her clothes than about what she is expected to wear.


Use 3 words to describe how you're feeling today  



Our President - 1st & last name

Joseph Biden


Write a sentence using a synonym of the word "nice"

Answers will vary


Type of number with a numerator and denominator

What is a Fraction?


How did Kat’s classmates make her feel about her outfit?

confident and happy


writing that is written to entertain and is not real

What is Fiction?


The location of our country's capitol

Washington, DC


Stacie’s dog slept for ⅔ of the time between 7:00am and 6:00pm the. How many hours did he sleep (round to the nearest hour)?

7 hours


The answer to a division problem is called what?

What is a quotient?


What is the main idea of the text?

Kat decides to wear a suit to picture day because she feels comfortable in it, and her family and friends support her choice and make her feel confident.


He is as smart as a computer. (what type of figurative language is this sentence showing?)

What is a simile.


This country fought twice for its independence.

What is America?


A recipe calls for ¾ of a bag of sugar. Ruby wants to double the recipe. 2 bags of sugar weighs one pound. How many ounces of sugar will Ruby use? (reminder: 16 ounces are in one pound)

12 ounces of sugar

3/4 times 2=1 1/2 bags of sugar

each bag weights 1/2 pound. He will use one bag (8 ounces, and 1/2 the other bag 4 ounces)



98 + 499 =

What is 597


In your own words, summarize the story. 

answers will vary





Helped dozens of slaves escape slavery on the Underground Railroad

Who is Harriet Tubman?


WOOHOO! Free Points



What is 6.255 divided by .05?






Words like First, then, next, last and finally are this type of text structures.

What is sequence? (they are also transition words)


What island did immigrants travel to in NYC?

Ellis Island


16 1/2 square feet

16 3/8 square inches


What is 5.25  x 6.36?



Define the following words:




Answers may vary, but examples might be: 

adjust: to make minor changes to something to make it better

borrow: to temporarily use something and then give it back

option: a choice used to make a decision


What is a Plot Diagram? (hint: literary device) Remember the roller coaster?

Literary device (or drawing) that includes Exposition (introduction), Rising Action, Climax, falling action, and Resolution (conclusion)


This important event happened on July 20, 1969 by Neil Armstrong

What is land on the Moon?


Write a summary of the story that Stacie reads to you. "Calling for Snow"

Answers will vary

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