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Things I Should Have Learned in 7th Grade...

After meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kyiv, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on to visit with the president of ..?...

What is Poland?


Sixty percent of Americans, including ___ percent of children, had been infected with the coronavirus by February, federal health officials reported on April 26 — another remarkable milestone in a pandemic that continues to confound expectations.

What is 75%


The popular series Squid Game was produced in which country?

What is South Korea?


A person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way is known as... (spell the word correctly 

What is mettle?


According to Mrs. Nabers, these are always symbols...

What are animals?


German and Austrian energy companies say they have agreed to Russian demands that they pay for Russian gas and oil in ..?...

What are rubles? 


Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian arrive at the ___  on May 2, an annual extravaganza held in New York City on the first Monday in May.

What is the Met Gala?


There is a quiz show available to play on Netflix and it goes by this name. 

What is Trivia Quest? 


Should the comma be removed in this sentence? Ganondorf gets hungry , whenever he passes by his favorite pizza place.

Yes (Remove the comma)


This is half as long as a diameter.

What is radius? 


 ..?.. University released a report outlining its historic ties to slavery and pledged $100 million to help redress the wrongs done.

What is Harvard?


For nine weeks, President Biden and the Western allies have emphasized the need to keep the war for Ukraine inside Ukraine.

Now, the fear in Washington and European capitals is that the conflict may soon escalate into a wider war — spreading to neighboring states, cyberspace and ___ countries suddenly facing a Russian cutoff of gas.

What is NATO?

This company had an opportunity to purchase Netflix but declined. The company was later bankrupt. 

What is Blockbuster?


The phrase, "my inflatable chair" is modified by which phrase in the sentence?

**My inflatable chair**, which Phil Dunphy is lounging in, squeaks whenever someone else sits down.

What is "which Phil Dunphy is lounging in"?


Mr. Nichols reminds you that the process of conching was invented by this person. 

Who is Rudolphe Lindt?


U.S. Marine veteran Trevor Reed was freed in a prisoner swap with ..?.. after serving three years in jail in that country.

What is Russia?


A leaked draft opinion indicating the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that guaranteed abortion access, sent immediate shock waves throughout the United States, as many Americans braced for a future without reproductive rights that had been established for nearly

What is half a century? (40-50 years is an acceptable answer) 


What was Netflix initially called before its name was changed to Netflix?

What is Kibble?


Identify the SWABI (Subordinating Conjunction) in this sentence 

While he was deciding which costume to wear on Halloween, Cameron Tucker asked for my advice.

What is "while"?


Mr. Wheatley reminds you that the right atrium and right ventricle are separated by this. 

What is the tricuspid valve? 


The Central African Republic became the second nation in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a national currency. The first nation to do this was ..?...

What is El Salvador?


The Biden administration on April 26 adopted two rules that set stricter energy efficiency standards. Which household item will be phased out after over 100 years as a result?

What are incandescent light bulbs? (light bulbs are an acceptable answer)


When was Netflix founded?

What is 1997?


Pick the correct word:

Leslie Knope thought the snowstorm would effect/affect her trip, but she made great time.

What is "affect"?


Mr. Nichols asks, "what was the religion of Milton Hershey?"

What is Mennonite?

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