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Below are some transactions that Anastasia made to her bank account. Deposits: 309.65, 81.27 Withdrawals: 400, 512.30 If Anastasia's account had $478.36 before any deposits or withdrawals, what was her final balance?

What is - $43.02

Herb was able to plant 2 1/3 rows of tomatoes in 15 minutes. How many rows could herb plant in an hour?
What is 9 1/3
Which expression represents a factorization of 16a - 24ab? a.) 8a (2 - 3b) b.) 2a (4 - 3b) c.) 8 (2a - 3b) d.) 8a (2a - 3b)
What is a. 8a ( 2 - 3b)
The blueprint of a door has a key where 2 inches = 1.5 feet. If the door on the blueprint is 9 inches tall, what is the height, in feet, of the actual door?
What is 6.75 feet
The veterinarian wants to find out how much the pets in shelters weigh. Which sample would be the most representative? a.) Weigh all the cats in the shelter b.) Weigh every 10th pet in 20 shelters c.) Weigh all the pets that were brought to the shelter last night d.) Weigh every 5th dog in the shelter
What is b. Weigh every 10th pet in 20 shelters

Joe is playing a game with a regular die. If the number that turns up is even, he will gain 5 times the number that comes up. If it is odd, he will lose 10 times the number that comes up. He tosses a 3. Express the results as an integer.

What is -30

Three pillowcases can be made with 1 1/2 yards of fabric. How many pillowcases can be made with 16 1/2 yards of fabric?
What is 33
A shirt originally was priced at s. Chester bought it at a 7% discount. Which expression represents the cost Chester paid for the shirt? a.) 0.07s + s b.) 0.93s c.) s - 0.07 d.) 1 - 0.07s
What is b. 0.93s
There is a triangle that has 2 angles that measure 14.7 degrees and 98.3 degrees. What is the measure of the third angle?
What is 67.0 degrees
4th Grade Heights: 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 55, 57, 59, 62, 62 5th Grade Heights: 48, 49, 54, 56, 58, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63 Using the information above, which statement is true? a.) The 4th grade has a broader range than the 5th grade range. b.) The 4th grade median is 5 less than the 5th grade median. c.) The 4th grade mean is more than the 5th grade mean. d.) The 5th grade has a broader range than the 4th grade range.
What is b. The 4th grade median is 5 less than the 5th grade median.

Define "rational" and "irrational" numbers, and give two examples of each.

What is Rational numbers terminate (end) or repeat, and irrational numbers do not.  (Also: rational numbers can be written as a fraction with whole numbers.)

Multiple answers for rational and irrational.

What is the constant of proportionality for the values shown in the table below? x y 3 12 5 20 7 28
What is 4
Elaine earns $9.50 for the first 10 1/2 hours she works and $10.30 every hour after that. If Elaine worked 20 1/4 hours, how much would she earn?
What is $208.58
The circumference of a circle is 13∏ inches. What is the area, in square inches, of the circle? Express your answers in terms of ∏.
What is 42.25∏ square inches
Lara is shooting baskets. The probability that she will make the shot is 4/5. Which statement describes the probability that Lara will make a basket?
What is likely

Name two rules you look for to determine if a GRAPH is proportional or not.

What are:  the graph is a STRAIGHT LINE that passes through the ORIGIN.

Chicken thighs cost $.68 per pound. What equation is used to find C, the total cost for t pounds of chicken?
What is C = 0.68t
DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Erin earns $13/hour but has to pay a $14 internet fee for each day she works. Which equation shows how much money, m, Erin has after working h hours on 5 days? a.) m = 13h + 14 b.) m = 13 h - 70 c.) h = 13m - 14 d.) m = 13h + 70
What is b. m = 13h - 70
Two angles are complementary. The first angle measures 39 degrees and the second angle is 3y. What is the value of y in degrees?
What is 17 degrees.
There are 50 tokens in a box and the number of each color is shown below. White: 12 Purple: 9 Orange: 10 Pink: 11 Black: 8 Based on the data, what is the probability that Maurice will draw out either a white OR a black token?
What is 2/5

Three boys bought some apples to share. Each pound of apples was $2.69. They bought 9 pounds of apples. If they also shared the price, how much money would each boy contribute?

What is $8.07

Last month, the Zimmer family had 20 chickens. This month they have 25. What is the percent increase from last month to this month?
What is 25%
Felicity wants to purchase a sewing machine for $496. Each month she is able to save $29 for the purchase. If she has $211 already set aside, how many months will it take Felicity to save enough money to buy the sewing machine?
What is 10
A triangle has a base of 14 feet and a height of 17 feet. If 6 of these triangles were put together to form a hexagon, what would be the area of the hexagon?
What is 714 square feet
When 20% of soccer players were asked how many games they played last season, 34 of them said 15. What is the most reasonable prediction of the number of soccer players that played 15 games last season?
What is 170
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