Similar Figures
Scale Factor
In a drawing, there are three circles, four stars, and three triangles. What is the ratio of stars to the total number of shapes? Simplify your answer.
What is 2/5?
What is the missing number in the proportion? 5/8 = n/48
What is n=30?
It is the missing word in the definition: Similar figures have corresponding angles that are congruent and corresponding sides that are ___________.
What is "proportional?"
The scale factor for a map is 1 cm. = 200 km. On the map, Boston is 1.5 cm. from New York. How far is Boston from New York?
What is 300 km.?
What is the GCF (greatest common factor) of 12, 20, and 36?
What is 4?
Ari can walk 2 miles in 40 min. How long will it take him to walk 5 miles?
What is 100 min.?
Five shovels of sand are mixed with 4 shovels of gravel to make cement. How many shovels of gravel are needed for 45 shovels of sand?
What is 36?
Two rectangles are similar. The length of the larger rectangle is 18 cm. and the width is 6 cm. The length of the smaller rectangle is 12 cm. Find the width of the smaller rectangle.
What is 4 cm.?
Jeff drew a model of an airplane with a wing of 5 in. He used a scale of 1 inch: 5 feet. Find the actual length of the wing.
What is 25 ft.?
Willy is 25 in. tall. His brother Carlos is 2 1/4 times as tall. Estimate the height of Carlos.
What is "56 in."?
Paul used 6 black tiles and 12 white tiles for a pattern. What is the ratio of black tiles to white tiles? Simplify your answer.
What is 1:2?
Thirty buses can carry 1500 people. How many people can be carried by 5 buses?
What is 250?
A 4-ft. tall mailbox casts a 2-ft. long shadow. If the shadow of a nearby tree is 16 ft. long, find the height of the tree.
What is 32 ft.?
In a picture, a snake measures 4 in. long. The scale is 1 in. = 2 ft. Find the actual length of the snake.
What is 8 ft.?
If you can buy 24 eggs for $8.64, what is the unit price?
What is $0.36 per egg?
The equation "t = 6.2h" gives the time in hours, "t", that a candle will burn if the candle has a height in inches of "h." How long will it take for a 4 inch candle to burn?
What is 24.8 hrs.?
Ivy's Fresh Eggs transports its eggs in crates. It takes 2 trucks to carry 80 crates. What is the number of crates 8 trucks can carry?
What is 320?
Triangle ABC has side AB = 31.5 cm. and side AC = 24 cm. Triangle DEF has side DE = 10.5 cm. and side DF = 8 cm. Determine if the two triangles are similar.
What is "they are similar since corresponding sides are in proportion"?
Two towns are 20 miles apart. On a map with the scale 1 inch = 40 miles, how many inches apart are the towns?
What is 1/2 in.?
Give the equivalent decimal form of 1/25.
What is 0.04?
The equation "d = 55t" gives the distance in miles, "d", that a car can travel in "t" hours. How long will it take to go 247.5 miles?
What is 4.5 hrs.?
What is the missing number in the proportion: 6/8 = n/20
What is 15?
Two rectangles are similar. The smaller rectangle has a length of 8 cm. and a width of 6 cm. The larger rectangle has a width of 9 cm. and a length of ______cm.
What is 12?
On Fiona's map, the distance from her office to her house measures 3.5 in. The map scale is 1 in. = 16 mi. If Fiona drives back and forth, how many total miles will her round trip be?
What is 112 miles?
The expression 2n - 3 gives the number of tiles in row "n" of a pattern. How many tiles are in row 7?
What is 11?
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