Percent to Decimal/Decimal to Percent
Percent Proportion/Percent Equation
Percent Change/Percent Error
Sales Tax, Tip, Discount
Simple Interest
Convert 120% to a decimal.
What is 1.2
Use the percent proportion to solve: If 12 out of 25 people like blue jolly ranchers. What percent of people like blue jolly ranchers?
What is 48% of people
A fruit drink that was sold in 16-ounce containers is now sold in 20-ounce containers. What is the percent of change in quantity? State whether this is an increase or a decrease.
What is 25% increase.
How much would a bicycle cost if it were marked down 15% from its original price of $289?
What is $245.65.
Name the simple interest formula and state what each variable stands for.
What is I = prt I = interest p = principal r = % as a decimal t = time in years
Convert 4.9% to a decimal.
What is .049
Use the percent equation to solve: The local bakery sells 150 donuts a day. If 70% if these donuts are sold in the morning, how many donuts are sold in the morning?
What is 105 donuts
On Tuesday, Nash made 231 free throws on Wednesday he made 258 free throws. What is the percent change in his free throws? Round to the nearest percent. State whether this is increase or decrease.
What is 12% increase.
If a sweater costs $37.99, and the sales tax is 6%, what is the total price of the sweater?
What is $40.27.
If you invest $1200 in an account that pays 13.2% simple interest, what is the balance of the account after 4 years?
What is $633.60
Convert .008 to a percent
What is 0.8%
Use the percent equation. 0.5% of all statistics are true. If you have a list of 1,400 statistics. How many are true?
What is 7 statistics.
Al's Quick Mart sells milk for $1.99 per gallon, but they used to sell it for $2.79. What is the percent change in the price? Round to the nearest whole percent. State whether this is increase or decrease.
What is 40% decrease.
A certain container of mouthwash usually costs $2.99 at a store. If it is on sale for 20% off, how much does the mouthwash cost now?
What is $3.59
If you buy a necklace for $400 on your credit card, which charges 21.3% simple interest, how much interest will be added after 15 months?
What is $106.50
Convert 3.1 to a percent
What is 310%
Use the percent proportion A store paid $75.29 for a couch. To make a profit, the store charged 270% of the cost. What is the price tag the store puts on the couch?
What is $208.28
A custom estimates a computer at an electronics store is $1099. Determine the percent of error in price if the actual price is $1349. Round to the nearest whole percent.
What is 19%.
Elvia can get a $10.28 discount on a $68.53 purchase at a certain department store because she works there. What percent discount does she get?
What is 15% discount.
Find the interest earned if you place $76.43 into an account that pays 21.5% simple interest, and leave it in for 3 months.
What is $4.11
Convert 0.07% to a decimal
What is .0007
Use the percent equation: John flips a quarter. It falls on tails 6 times, if this 30% of the time. How many times did he flip a quarter.
What is 20 times.
A student estimates the mass of an object to be 325g. The actual mass is 342g. What is the percent error of the students calculation?
What is 5%.
If a stereo is sold for $59.99, and Karen pays $64.19 for it when she checks out, what is the sales tax in the area?
What is 7% tax.
If you take out a loan for $550 at 7.2% simple interest and make no payments for 6 months, how much do you owe total?
What is $569.80.
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