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The scout leader looked at the sky and muttered something
under his breath. Then he looked at the map. "Let's get moving," he called to the group of tired boys. "The faster the better."

What do you think the scout leader was feeling?

The scout leader was feeling worried because he thought a storm was coming.


The bus was full of children. Everyone was laughing and talking. Ben scratched a mosquito bite on his leg. It had been a fun week, but he was glad that he would be sleeping in his own bed tonight instead of in a sleeping bag.

Where was the bus coming from?

The bus is coming from summer camp.


Mr. Jones stood on his front porch watching the boys run away down the street. He walked slowly to the sidewalk and picked up the bat that was laying there. Then he looked at the broken window on his house and sighed.

Why were the boys running away?

The boys were running away because they had hit a ball through the window.


Derek had his bag propped up a few feet away. He hit the ball and it went really far. When he went to find the ball, he found it in the sand. 

What game is Derek playing? 

Derek was golfing.


The teacher was talking to the class. Jack and Rachel were whispering back and forth to each other. They didn’t hear the directions.

What do you think will happen next? 

They will have to ask the teacher or another classmate for the directions.


Dad and Krystal were finishing up a project in the garage together. "Can we paint the roof red?" asked Krystal. "Sure," said Dad, "Then when the paint dries we can find a place to hang it in the backyard."

What do you think Dad and Krystal are making?

Dad and Krystal are making a birdhouse.


Sasha handed the book to the librarian. The librarian
opened the book and found crayon scribbles on almost every page. "I'm really sorry," said Sasha. "I should have kept the book in my room."

What happened to Sasha's library book?

Sasha's younger sibling scribbled in the library book.


Cara tried not to fidget in her new dress. There were at least a hundred people in the audience.
What if she messed up? She heard her name and for a moment, she could not move. The girl next to her gave her a gentle push and she walked onto the stage and toward the piano.

What was Cara feeling? 

Cara was feeling scared and nervous about her piano recital.


Mom lit three candles. "There, that's better," she said. Claire turned off her flashlight. The house was quiet except for the sound of the wind blowing through the trees outside.

Why did mom light candles? 

The wind storm made the power go out.


When Ethan woke up, the room was bright with sunlight. He looked at the clock and leapt out of bed. He threw on his clothes, grabbed his backpack, and ran out the door without eating breakfast.

Why was Ethan in such a hurry?

Ethan was in a hurry because he had overslept and was late for school.


Alex ran all the way home from school. "Mom," he shouted as soon as he opened the door. "Look!" He handed his mother some papers. "You were right, all that studying really did pay off!" he said excitedly.

What was on the papers? 

The papers were a test with a good grade.


Cody knew he was in big trouble. He looked glumly at the math test on the desk in front of him. The door opened and Mr. Anders came into the office. "I've called your parents and they are on their way," he said.

Why is Cody in trouble? 

Cody is in trouble because he cheated on his math test.


Micah hid behind the bushes. Soon, a group of older boys walked by talking and laughing. Micah's heart was beating fast. He tried not to make any noise. Micah waited until he could not hear the boys anymore. Then he picked up his books and walked home.

Why was Micah hiding? What makes you think so?

Micah was walking home from school and was hiding from some bullies - he was scared. 


It was May 8th. Jason shut the door to his bedroom. Then he found the present he had hidden in the back of his closet. He wrapped it carefully in pink paper. "Only three days until Sunday!" he thought.

Who will Jason give his present to?

Jason will give the present to his mother for Mother's Day.


Carlos looked down at the people far below. It was a little scary to be so high, but he knew he was safe. The sun felt hot. Carlos decided to buy a snow cone when he was on the ground again.

Where is Carlos?

Carlos was on a ride at an amusement park or fair.


It was 8:30 on Thursday night. Emily stared at the large, empty poster board on her bed. Then she looked at the stack of books about Abraham Lincoln on her desk. Emily began to cry.

Why do you think Emily was crying?

Emily had not started a school project that was due the next day.


"Can I play the winner in the next game?" Maya asked. "Sure," Lydia replied. "But you will probably be playing Emma. She has four kings and I only have one." 

What game are Lydia and Emma playing?

Lydia and Emma are playing checkers.


Jenna went upstairs and quietly and quietly peeked into a dark room. She listened for a moment, and then went back downstairs. She washed the dinner dishes and then she studied for an Algebra test until Mr. and Mrs. Olson got home.

Why did Jenna go upstairs? 

What makes you think so?

Jenna went upstairs to check on the child she was babysitting.


Susie looked down at her beautiful dress. She looked like a princess! The music started to play. She held the flowers tightly and started to walk slowly towards the front. Everyone smiled as she walked by.

Where is Susie?

Susie is the flower girl at a wedding.


People kept coming over to visit Rachel's family. They brought food and gifts. Many of the visitors asked Rachel how she liked being a big sister.

Why were so many people coming to visit Rachel's family?

People are coming to visit because Rachel's mother has had a baby.


Splat! "Oh, rats!" thought Katie as she stopped to clean up the mess. "I hope we have another one." She looked in the fridge and pulled out the carton. One left! Breakfast wasn't ruined after all.

What did Katie clean up? 

Katie cleaned up a broken egg.


"Ouch!" Lucy had fallen again! She shivered and picked herself back up. Then she spotted her older sister Sarah, gliding backward. She was so graceful. Sarah made everything look so easy.

What is Lucy doing?

Lucy was learning to ice skate.


Ana and Sophie sat in their chairs staring straight ahead for nearly two hours. They quietly enjoyed their snacks and did not talk at all.

Where were Ana and Sophie? 

Ana and Sophie were at the movies.


Kim turned off the lights and everyone found a place to hide. Nicky hid under the table where everyone had put their presents. He peeked out and saw the front door starting to open.

What will happen next?

Everyone will jump out and yell "Surprise!" because they are at a surprise party.


Maria woke up in the middle of the night. She had to go to the bathroom. The room was so dark.
The house was so quiet. Maria wished that she still shared her room with her big sister Laura, but Laura had moved into her own room a few days ago. Maria did not move.

Why didn't Maria go to the bathroom?

Maria did not go to the bathroom because she was frightened.