Story arc
Creative writing
Figurative language

What is Rat's real name?

Jun Jun


The most exciting part of a story is...?

The climax


Often to create mood and tone, what 2 types of words should be considered to suit the story?

Light and dark


What is the following an example of...?

-Olivia says, "Money … is more important, and it is dripping all the time, like precious water."



What is an ellipsis and what is it used for? 50 for each correct answer. 


Used to show an omission or for dramatic effect.


Who is Miss Olivia?

One of the sisters that works at the mission school. She helped Gardo get into the prison. 


What 2 sections should make up the biggest part of your story?

The rising actions and climax

How can you make boring writing more interesting? What is the skill called?

Show, don't tell!!


What is the following an example of...?

-Everyone needs a key. With the right key, you can bust the door wide open. 



What 2 types of clauses did we learn about?

Extra 200 points if you can name the other 3 types of clauses we learnt about. 

Dependent and independent. 

Verb clauses, noun clauses and adjective clauses. 


How much money did Raphael find in the wallet?

Eleven hundred pesos 


Is it ok to leave the audience with some unanswered questions in the orientation?

Yes! As long as they don't impede the enjoyment/coherence of the story. 


Which one of these is more engaging?

-He was as angry as a raging bull.

-His face turned a deep shade of red and he clenched his fists in a fury. I swear, i could almost see the steam coming out of his ears, as if he was a raging bull. 

The second one, it has more detail, meaning the audience can visualise it better. 


"I found myself running on legs that bent like I was drunk."

This is an example of...?

Simile or hyperbole


What are the 4 types of sentences we learnt about?

Simple, Complex, Compound, Complex-Compound


Who is Pascal Aguila and why is her important to the people of Behala? 

Pascal Aguila was born into a poor family also in Behala and had become a lawyer trying to out corrupt senators. He died trying to uncover the truth about three senators. He helped to fund the school. 


What comes just before the resolution?

The falling action


What is this show, don't tell trying to say?

-She looked up when the teacher called her name. Without moving head, she could feel the eyes of every student burning into her. She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks, turning them tomato red. 

She is embarrassed 


"I had no sense of direction any more: all I could see was faces and hands waving. Man then child. Young man, then older man, then child again—thin bodies, glistening with sweat. Almost everyone in shorts only, and a smell of old food, sweat and urine."

This is an example of..?



Waht is wrong with the following?

-I ran out into the yard, praying it wasn't what it sounded like. NOOOO! Right in front of me, I see that my car has been broken into. I try to find the culprit, but it was too dark. 

It doesn't stay in the same tense. 


Who is Dante Jerome? How is he related to Jose Angelico? (250 for each correct answer)

Dante Jerome is Gabriel Olondriz' son and Jose Angelico was adopted by Dante Jerome. 


The best way to start a story, to hook your audience in early.

Sizzling start 


What are the 2 types of characterisation we have looked at?

Direct and indirect 


Early in the novel, when the boys are trying to decide what to do with the findings, Gardo says, “...if the police think you've got something, they won't stop till they've got it from you." What is this an example of?



Where do the commas belong in the following passage?

-All over the city trash bags get loaded onto carts and from carts onto trucks. 

-All over the city, trash bags get loaded onto carts, and from carts onto trucks.

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