Nature of Science
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Physical Science

A scientific EXPLANATION of an event that occurs in nature.

What is theory?


What do we call an organism that is made up of many cells?


What kind of rock forms directly from melting and cooling magma or lava?
Igneous Rock

What are the names of all the planets in order from closer to sun to farthest from sun? 

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus Neptune


A melting candle wax is an example of what kind of change in matter?

Physical Change or Chemical Change



the practice of building information based on myth and not evidence and testable explanations. Not really a Science. Example: Astrology



What is an Eukaryotic Cell?

A cell that contains a nucleus


Name 1 way humans negatively impact Earth and the result. 

Many answers but some could be:

1. deforestation = trees are gone

2. urbanization = reduced air & water quality, trees are cut down to make buildings

You see 3 stars, one blue, one white and one red. All 3 stars are the same size and distance from earth. Which star will be the hottest?
What is the difference between weight and mass
Weight = is based on planet's gravity (can change)

Mass= is based on the amount of matter. (doesn't change) 


In an experiment, this is the variable that always stays the same. It stays the same to keep the experiment honest. 

Control variable


What type of Symbiotic relationship do you see in this picture? 


If two of Earth's tectonic plates collided, what would occur?
Earthquakes, create mountains or volcanos

How are distances measured in the universe as opposed to distances measured with-in our solar system?

Distances in the universe are too far so they are measured in Light-years but distances with-in our solar system are measured in AU. 


How many protons does one atom of Iron have? Electrons? 

26 protons

26 electrons


Why would other scientists REPLICATE experiments?

For accuracy and to confirm that what the other scientist did is correct.


What are 2 structures that plant cells have that animal cells do not?

Chloroplasts and Cell Walls


Where in the world are most volcanoes located  and why are they there?

They are located in the ring of fire. They are located there because that is where tectonic plates meet and crash (collide) against each other. 


Look at the picture: Which letter represents Summer time for Florida and all of North America? 



Look at  this picture:

What is the net force in the picture below? Is the force balanced or unbalanced? To what direction is the box moving: right or left?

The net force is 50 N. The force is unbalanced and the box will move to the right.


The ________ variable is the factor that is changed during an experiment by the scientists. It is located on the X-Axis of a graph. 



What is the product of Photosynthesis and where does it occur? 

The products of photosynthesis are Oxygen and Glucose. It occurs in the Chloroplast. 


How are weathering and erosion different? State the 2 types of Weathering and 2 types of erosion

Weathering is the breaking down of rock and soil physically or chemically while erosion is the movement of soil and rocks by things like wind, water, glaciers and even humans. 


What type of eclipse does this picture represents and how does it occur? 

solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets between Earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow over Earth. A solar eclipse can only take place at the phase of new moon, when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earth's surface


Look at the graphs: Which graph is showing the following: Samuel was walking to school. He stopped to find his cell phone inside his bag. Then he walked faster to get to school on time. 



How do you measure the volume of a rock using the graduated cylinder?

Place water inside the Graduated cylinder. Check the starting volume. Drop the rock inside. Check how much the water level went up and subtract from the starting volume of water.  


What are the 3 things stated in the cell theory? 

- All organisms come from pre-existing cells

-All organisms are made out of 1 or more cells

- the cell is the basic unit of life. 


What is the Law of superposition and what are some things that may affect it?

It is a law that states that the bottom layers and the fossils in them are older than the layers on top. The order of the layers may be affected by erosion, volcanos and even earthquakes. 


What are the 3 outside layers of the sun's atmosphere and which is the only one that you can see with your eyes without help from other instruments?

Corona, Chromosphere and Photosphere. The only one that can be seen with the un-aided eye is the photosphere. 


What are the 3 ways in which thermal (heat) energy moves? Which of these 3 is responsible for wind, ocean currents, magma moving inside the mantle of Earth?

Conduction, Radiation and Convection.

The one responsible for wind, ocean currents and mantle movement is Convection. 

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