Number, operations, and Quantitative Reasonin
Patterns, Relationships, & Algebraic Thinking
Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
Probability and Statistics
A side of Ari’s aquarium is a square with an area of 190 square inches. The number of inches of each side of between these two whole numbers —
What is 13 and 14
A store’s records showed that during a one-month period, 3 gallons of milk were sold for every 2 boxes of cereal sold. If 2,864 boxes of cereal were sold that month, this is the number of gallons of milk that were sold?
What is 4,296 gal
A rotation can be described by these two things?
What are a center point and angle of rotation?
The area of square ABCD is 400 square centimeters. This is the area of a square that has a side length that is one-half of the side length of square ABCD.
What is 100cm² ?
A random survey of 75 eighth graders at Cedar Middle School showed that 37 of them do volunteer work. This is the approximate number of students who do volunteer work out of the 500 eighth graders at the school.
What is 247 ?
Mr. Hines paid $8.40 for an international phone call. He paid a fee of $1.25 plus $0.55 per minute. This is an equation can be used to find x, the length of the call in minutes?
What is 0.55x + 1.25 = 8.40
Caroline used the following formula to determine t, the sales tax on p, the dollar amount of a customer’s total purchase at the candle shop where Caroline works. t = 0.0825p A customer bought a box of red candles for $15 and 2 scented candles for $20 each. This is the sales tax on the customer’s purchase (rounded to the nearest cent)?
What is $4.54
A transformation is described by these two things.
What are direction and distance?
Matt's father has a computer desk in his study. The desktop is 60 inches long and 24 inches wide. Matt's father wants to build a proportionately smaller replica of his desk for Matt to use in his bedroom. If the length of Matt's desktop will be 45 inches, then this will be the perimeter?
What is 126 in ?
A school committee conducted a survey to find out whether teachers would prefer to start the school day 30 minutes later. Only teachers with children in preschool were surveyed. This is the reason why the results of this survey might NOT be a valid representation of what all the teachers at the school would prefer?
What is "The survey was not conducted using a random sample of teachers."
Fred pays the same amount of property tax each month. His total property tax for the year is $1,545. This is his monthly tax payment in dollars and cents?
What is $128.75
Ashley's mother bought some bottles of juice for her family. The juice was on sale for 3 bottles for $4.50. This is how much Ashley's mother spent for 8 bottles of juice?
What is $12
This is what it is called when a shape is flipped over the x or y axis.
What is reflection?
A plastics company makes two sizes of recycling bins in the shape of rectangular prisms. The smaller bin has a volume of 500 cubic inches. The length, width, and height dimensions of the larger bin are twice those of the smaller bin. This is the volume of the larger recycling bin?
What is 4,000 in³ ?
Mr. Williams bought three raffle tickets at a marching band fund-raiser. He finds out how many tickets were sold and calculates that his theoretical probability of winning is 1 in 150. This is the number of that tickets were sold?
What is 450 ?
Lucy reads 450 words in 3 minutes. This is an equation that can be used to find w, the number of words Lucy can read in 20 minutes if she continues to read at the same rate?
What is w = (450/3)*20
This is an equation that matches the following statement. Six less than four times a number is two more than three times that number.
What is 4n - 6 = 3n + 2
The Texas Star, at Fair Park in Dallas, is the largest Ferris wheel in the western hemisphere. It has a diameter of 65 meters. This is the approximate distance traveled by a person who rides this wheel for one complete revolution.
What is 204 m?
If triangle ABC has a base of 20 ft and area of 400 square feet, and if triangle DEF is similar and has a base of 10 ft, this would be the area of triangle DEF?
What is 100 ft² ?
At the Grand Lakes Basketball Tournament, 4 basketball games are played in 4 different gymnasiums at the same time. If all 4 games begin with a coin toss, this is the probability that all 4 coins will be heads?
What is one out of sixteen
A hydrogen molecule is 1.5x10¯¹º meters in length. This is that number in standard notation?
What is 0.00000000015
This is the 7th term of the following sequence? -4,-6,-8,.....-2n-2,...........
What is -16
This is the quadrant where the point (-6,-4) lies.
What is Quadrant III?
The floor of a room measures 12 feet by 10 feet. The room has 9-foot cailings. The walls of the room are to be painted. This is the area to be painted.
What is 396 ft² ?
During the past winter, the Bender family had monthly heating bills of $79, $146, $212, $149, and $212. This is the mean, meadian, mode, and range.
What are... Range: $133, Mode: $212 Median: $149 Mean: $159.60
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