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At Lil Wayne's Store, the sales tax on a $12 item is $.96. At the same rate, what is the sales tax on a $9 item.
What is $ .72
means "per hundred."
What is a percent?
It is a set of numbers that is arranged in a pattern. Example: 1st: 3, 2nd: 5, 3rd: 7, 4th: 9
What is a sequence?
The difference between one term and the next term is always the same. Example 7, 11, 15, 19, 23...
What is an arithmetic sequence?
A rate in which the rate is expressed as a quantity of 1. Dividing the first term by second term.
What is a Unit Rate?
If a box of 20 pencils cost $1.90 at Trader's Villiage. At the same unit price how much money will a box of 50 pencils cost?
What is $4.75
A payment based on a percent of total sales.
What is a commission?
When given this problem? Erin is collecting plastic bottles. On Monday she collected 7 bottles, on Tuesday she collected 14 bottles, on Wednesday she collected 21 bottles and on Thursday she collected 28 bottles. What is the 1st step you should always do with this information?
What is "Make a chart?" or "Make a graph?"
The Devil wears Prada bought a stereo that cost $475. They made a down payment of 10% and paid for the rest in 5 equal installments. How much was each installment?
What is $85.50?
Tim Duncan can hike 10 1/2 miles in 3 hours. How many hours will it take him to hike 17 1/2 miles? Hint: convert fractions to decimals. 1/2 as a decimal is the equivalent to 2 quarters...then use a key.
What is 5?
Johnny Depp has typed 375 words in 5 minutes. He will type for 25 minutes. At the rate at which he is typing, how many words will he type in all? Hint: Use a key: words/minutes
What is 1875 words per minute?
Beyonce bought a Justin Bieber Cd at 20% off. The CD originally cost $17.75. What is the sales price of the CD?
What is $14.20?
When given this sequence 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,... What is the sixth term?
What is 64?
Less than Jake Band's bill at Tink a Taco was $17.60. He wants to leave a 15% tip. How much should he leave?
What is $2.64?
Apple computers increases its price by 24%. About how much will a customer pay for an Ipod that originally costs $220?
What is 272.80?
The scale on a map is 2 cm = 15 km. How far apart are two cities that are 11 centimeters apart on the map?
What is 82.5 cm?
A sweater that Akon wants to buy is on sale for $60. The original price was $75. What is the percent discount? Hint: Difference in price/original price = x/ 100.
What is 20%?
Let n represent the position of a term in the sequence below. 9, 15, 21, 27, 33, ... Which Algebraic expression can be used to find the nth term of the sequence? Hint: write a formula using "n".
What is 6n +3?
A ratio that compares two quantities with different kinds of units. Example: Paula types 146 words in 2 minutes. The comparison is between the number of words and the number of minutes.
What is a rate?
If Lionel Messi averages 3.3 goals per 3 games, how much goals would he average in 12 games?
What is 13.2 goals?
An equation stating that two ratios are equivalent. It is true if their cross products are equal.
What is a proportion?
A map of Miller's pond map has a scale of 3 cm = 50 m. If the lake is 325 meters from Camp area 6, how many centimeters are they apart on the map. Hint: Use a key, cm/meters.
What is 19.5?
What is the 50th term in the sequence represented by the rule 12n - 5?
What is 595?
If tickets to the Warped Tour 2011 cost $125 for 4 persons. What is the unit rate?
What is $31.25?
The date in which the eighth graders at summer school will take the Math TAKS Test?
What is June 28, 2011?