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a dish of cooked macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce, most commonly cheddar.

what is mac and cheese


a fictional ogre character created by American author William Steig.

what is shrek

a game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.

What is tennis


a children's game in which two or more players must pass a ball to one another, while a player in the middle attempts to intercept it.

what is monkey in the middle


  one of the largest American fast food restaurant chains and the largest whose specialty is chicken sandwiches. Its headquarters is in College Park, Georgia. The company operates more than 2,723 restaurants, primarily in the United States, with locations in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

what is chick-fil-a


a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.

what is sushi


a 2005 American epic space-opera film written and directed by George Lucas

what is star wars 


a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron.

What is football

a board game in which players engage in simulated property and financial dealings using imitation money. It was invented in the US and the name was coined by Charles Darrow

what is monopoly


an American privately held, regional fast food restaurant chain, headquartered and based in San Antonio, Texas, that specializes in hamburgers. The company, founded by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton, opened its first restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950

what is Whataburger


a starchy plant tuber which is one of the most important food crops, cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

what is a potato


The grave course of events set in motion by Thanos that wiped out half the universe and fractured the Avengers ranks compels the remaining Avengers to take one final stand in Marvel Studios' grand conclusion to twenty movies.

Avengers End Game


a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of 11 players.

What is soccer


a hand game, usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand

what is rock paper sicsors


an American fast food restaurant chain that serves American Chinese cuisine. With over 2,200 locations, it is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States, where it was founded and is mainly located

what is panda express


a brand of toaster pastries that the Kellogg Company introduced in 1964.

what is pop tarts


 a good-hearted cowboy doll who belongs to a young boy named Andy (John Morris), sees his position as Andy's favorite toy jeopardized when his parents buy him a Buzz Lightyear

What is toy story


a bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams, typically of nine players each, that take turns batting and fielding.

What is baseball


a playground game involving two or more players chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" and mark them out of play

what is tag

 is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States

What is mcdonalds


a food paste or spread made from ground, dry-roasted peanuts.

what is peanut butter


a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, produced, and co-edited by James Cameron

what is titanic

the earlier forms of football from which both games, as well as Australian rules football and gridiron football, evolved.

What is rugby

a children's game in which one or more players hide and the other or others have to look for them.

what is hide and seek


a U.S.-based, quick service restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex-style cuisine. The company is headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas, in the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. Its first location opened in Abilene, Texas in 1967

what is taco bueno

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