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Taxed a sweet ingredient people use in baking today, also used by wimps to drink coffee

What is Sugar Act?


Term for a person who fights against British rule, advocates for colonial independence, and the best NFL team of the last 20 years.  

What is a Patriot?

King of England during American Revolution, direct recipient of Olive Branch Petition, target of Declaration of Independence.  He is a loser.  

Who is King George III?


Member of the 2nd Continental Congress, later becomes 2nd President of the United States,defended British soldiers after Boston Massacre

Who is John Adams?


Author of Common Sense

Who is Thomas Paine?


This act taxed a favorite drink of the colonists, and limited buying the drink from anyone not British

What is the Tea Act?


Term for person who prefers to keep British relations strong, and desires to keep British citizenship

What is a Loyalist?

Known for his inventions, diplomat who secured French alliance during the war, proposed Albany Plan of Union during French and Indian War, wrote perhaps most famous autobiography ever, old man at time of the Revolution

Who is Benjamin Franklin?


Served under George Washington in Revolutionary war, he was famously apart of the Anti-Federalist movement, later became the 5th President of the US and created a doctrine preventing further expansion of European nations into North America

Who is James Monroe?


This treaty ended the French and Indian War

What is the Treaty of Paris 1763?


This Act required official documentation on all paper including letters, newspapers, pamphlets, church bulletins and even playing cards

What is the Stamp Act?


Cruel, unusual, illegal, arbitrary use of power and control

What is tyranny?


silversmith and statesmen, best known for the midnight ride, warned minutemen British were coming, engraving artist of Boston Massacre

Who is Paul Revere?


Leader of the Connecticut militia during the Revolutionary war, but later sold colonist military plans to the British and became a traitor

Who is Benedict Arnold?


This proclamation banned colonists moving west of the Appalachian Mountains in an attempt to limit colonial and French, and colonial and native interactions

What is the Proclamation of 1763?

These Parliamentary Acts prevented the colonists from developing trade relationships with anyone but Britain, and required use of British transportation exclusively

What are the Navigation Acts?

Economic Policy and Theory that trade accumulates wealth, most European colonizers held this belief as their economic system

What is Mercantilism?


Was a member of the Constitutional Convention, author of the Federalist papers, and first secretary of the US Treasury, known for his feud with Aaron Burr, born in Caribbean

Who is Alexander Hamilton?


Attended the Constitutional convention and his famous for the phrase “Give me Liberty or Give me Death" and "I am no longer Virginian, but American"

Who is Patrick Henry?


First group to publicly advocate for and fight for American Independence

Who are the Sons of Liberty?


These Acts banned certain actions, meetings, and words by colonists, the last series of acts targeting colonists before the Revolution takes off.  Severely curtailed rights given to the colonists in the English Bill of Rights

What are the Intolerable Acts?

Term referring to British policy of letting colonies govern themselves for most of colonial history

What is Salutary Neglect?


A strong opponent of British taxation in the colonies, helped organize the Boston Tea Party, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and eventual governor of Massachusetts and brewery owner

Who is Sam Adams?


Was an African American killed at the Boston Massacre, he worked on a whaler as his profession, first Patriot death

Who is Crispus Attucks?


This city was the epicenter of the Patriot movement

Where is Boston?