Language Arts
Social Studies
General Trivia

The most important aspect when creating the Essay

A: Grammar

B: Spelling

C: Picking the correct side

D: Structure

What is Structure?

There is no such thing as the correct side, so choose the side you are most comfortable with, and make sure to support it. As long as the grammar and spelling mistakes don't alter/impact the meaning of the argument, than it won't reduce your score below passing.


A position in government that can serve for as long as they want

A: Senators

B: President

C: Judges

What is C: Judges?

Judges can serve as long as they want (As long as they don't commit any crimes of course), whereas Senators have to be reelected each time, and Presidents can only serve 2 terms of 4 years each.

IXL Lesson: WRC


Something every object in the universe has

A: Mass

B: Water

C: Intelligence

D: Cells

What is Mass?

Not every objects has cells, such as water and Oxygen. Everything has mass, as in the amount of space it takes up. 


Most common type of question on the Official Math Test

A: Algebra

B: Geometry

C: Statistics

D: Number Word Problems

What is Algebra?


The amount of IXL questions required over the weekend

What is 8 skills (6th grade of above).


The way the author wants the story to feel like

A: Main Idea

B: Theme

C: Mood

D: Tone

What is Tone?

IXL lesson: 26U 


Biggest impact on the prices of an item:

A: Tone and Mood

B: Cause and Effect

C: Supply and Demand

D: Wars and Trades

What is Supply and Demand?

IXL lesson: LAJ 


The questions will fall into these categories

Life Science, Physical Science and ____

What is Earth Science/ Geology?


A number can be represented as either a Fraction, ____, and Percentage

What is a Decimal?

IXL Lesson: JAE


The 3 campuses for HSE is LA, Anaheim and ____.

What is Ontario?

LA on top!


Best order when starting a new set of questions

A: Read Passage, Title, than Questions

B: Read Direction, Title than passage

C: Read Questions, Title, than Passage

D: Read Title, passage, than questions

C: Read Directions, Title, than questions

In EVERY subject, the MOST important thing is the question. Always begin with the question, than read any directions which is often found at the top of the passage/graphs to get an idea on how many questions will use that information.


Which branch gets the final say on if a bill becomes a law?

A: Executive

B: Legislative

C: Judicial

What is B: Legislative?

While the Executive Branch can veto a bill and prevent it from becoming a law, the Legislative branch can override the veto with a 2/3 majority vote in Congress.

IXL lesson: AV9


The 3 different particles in an atom: Protons, ____ and Electrons.

What is a Neutron?

IXL Lesson: VZE


The larger between these two


-                 OR         0.84


What is 0.84?

IXL Lesson: JAE


What is mandatory for students of HSE next year

A: Saturdays

B: Mondays on campus

C: 12 IXL lessons over the weekend

D: Pay for tests

What is B: Mondays on Campus?

Figurative Language examples include Metaphors, Similes, and ___

A: Personification

B: Point of View

C: Inferences

What is Personification?

IXL Lesson: FDC 


When did WW2 start?

A: 1937

B: 1939

C: 1940

D: 1941

What is B: 1939?

IXL lesson: UX5


The method used to figure out the chance of different traits appearing in an offspring

A: Splicing

B: Mitosis

C: Punnett Squares

D: Context Clues

What is C: Punnett Squares?

Punnett Squares are used to understand the chances of different physical (and genetic) traits of appearing, such as hair color in Humans. 

IXL Lesson: MBZ


Johnny has 5 green, 6 red, 2 white and 7 black marbles. If all the marbles were in a bag, the chance to draw a white marble would be___

Hint: Answer is in Percent form

What is 10%? 

IXL Lesson: WRC


The amount of benchmarks that are generally required to re-test a subject that you did not pass

2 Benchmarks IN A ROW

{Company rule}


Most important skill in Reading

A: Fast Reading

B: Poetry

C: Verb and Noun knowledge

D: Reading Comprehension

What is D: Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is by far the most important skill in not only Reading, but is every subject. Word problems in Math can be problematic if you don't consistently practice Reading since it boosts your ability to understand what a question may be asking you to find.

IXL Lesson: 5FL


The President is allowed to do all but one

A: Pardon a criminal

B: Veto a bill

C: Appoint a Supreme court Judge

D: Start a war

What is D: Start a war?

The president needs permission from Congress to start a war, which is due to Checks and Balances. They are in place to prevent one branch from becoming to powerful.

IXL Lesson: 5CX 


The moon impacts all but one 

A: Tidal Waves

B: Light

C: Animals

D: Atmosphere

What is D: Atmosphere?

The moon impacts life on Earth due to many animals having a day and night cycle attached to the moon instead of the sun. Tides are directly attached to the rotation of the moon around the Earth. The moon can also cause Solar eclipses which block a small amount of sun light.


Most important method in solving Equations/Inequalities

A: Context clues

B: Inverse Operations

C: Combine like terms

What is B: Inverse Operations? 

Inverse Operations are used to be able to solve for the unknown in Equations. They remove portions of a problem until the variable is all that remains, such as    x = 4.

IXL Lesson: TXJ + QAK + 28N


The amount of questions given on the Official Reading Test

What is 50? questions?

Reading: 50 questions, 65 minutes.                        Social Studies 60 questions, 70 minutes.                  Science : 60 questions, 80 minutes.               Writing: 120 minutes, 60 questions +
Essay.             Math: 55 questions, 90 minutes.