Story elements

“What are the key elements that make up a story?”

The key elements that make up a story are:

  1. Plot: The sequence of events that make up the story, including the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

  2. Characters: The individuals or entities that drive the story and undergo changes or development throughout the narrative.

  3. Setting: The time and place in which the story takes place, including the physical environment, social context, and atmosphere.

  4. Conflict: The central problem or struggle that drives the story forward and creates tension, often involving a protagonist and an antagonist.

  5. Theme: The underlying message or main idea of the story, which can be a universal concept or moral lesson.

  6. Point of View: The perspective from which the story is told, such as first-person (narrator is a character in the story), third-person limited (narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of one character), or third-person omniscient (narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters).