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Define the academic vocabulary word:


The lesson about life that the author is trying to tell through the story.


Define the academic vocabulary word:

Main idea

The main idea is what the text is mostly about.  We can find the topic of a passage and use KEY details to help us identify the main idea.


True or false:  All poems have to Rhyme

False-many poems do not actually rhyme.  


Is this a sentence or a fragment? How do you know?

Gina and Sara.

Fragment.  There is no predicate to this sentence


True or false:  I can draw or turn around and stare at kids who are still testing when I finish my state testing.

False:  You can lay your head down or read a book


True or False:  There is only one theme to a story.

False: We may learn a different lesson when we track other characters in our story.  Example:  In the three little pigs, we learn different lessons from each piggy, and the big bad wolf also teaches a whole other lesson than all the piggies.


Sarah stayed up late to study for her AASA reading test.  She used her notes to make flashcards and practiced all the questions with her mom.  Sarah made sure she knew all her reading standards for the test.  Sarah scored proficient on her test the next day because she studied so hard. 

The reader can infer that Sarah felt (select the best answer based on the evidence):

A.  The test was important

B. Sleepy the next day

C. Nervous about her test

D. The test is not very important

A.  The test was important to Sarah.  The reader can tell because the details said:   She stayed up to study, made flashcards, studied with her mom, and learned all her standards.  

All the key details tell the reader she must feel like the test is important, or she would not have studied as hard.


Poems have 1._____________ instead of paragraphs. They group the 2._____ together. What words are missing

1. Stanzas 2. lines

Stanzas look like song lyrics.  Instead of referring to the writing as a new paragraph, we would refer to it as a new stanza.  Paragraphs are in a prose.


Select the correct word to finish the sentence:

They're/Their/There going to the store after school.

They're-this is the contraction for they are.  


If I feel nervous or anxious during my test, what can I do?

Any of the following (or other appropriate ideas):

Take a deep breath, doodle for a quick minute, repeat positive thoughts (I can do this or I am calm), look away for a minute, make a mental picture of something, somewhere, or someone I love, use the restroom if I feel really stressed


What is the point of view of the paragraph below?

Izzy and Jeremy went to the store to get milk.  Izzy accidentally spilled the whole carton of milk this morning.  Mom was upset there was a mess, but they cleaned it up quickly and told their mom they would get more from the store later.

Third person.  We see the proper nouns Izzy and Jeremy, and the narrator also uses the pronouns they and their.  We also cannot tell who the narrator is, and third person pronouns are someone outside the story.


Name the 5 types of non-fiction text structures.



Compare and Contrast

Cause and Effect

Problem and Solution


What 3 elements does this poem have?

It is a dog.

It is a frog.

It is a cat.

It is a rat!

Repetition, Rhyming (end rhyme) and meter (rhythm)


What is wrong with this sentence? Fix it.

dylan and mary is best friends but they live in different countys

Dylan and Mary are best friends, but they live in different countries. 

What are some strategies I can do BEFORE my test to help?

Any of the following or others:

Eat a healthy dinner, get some exercise the day before, go to sleep on time, eat a healthy breakfast, get to school early.


What type of figurative language is the sentence below?

The sun smiled down upon the happy little town.

Personification-Both the sun smiling and the happy town are human characteristics given to non-human objects.


Read the paragraph below and identify the text structure:

The whale shark is larger than the tiger shark. Both sharks have the same grey color and a lighter underside. The tiger shark has stripes on its back and the whale shark has dots. The whale shark has a larger mouth but the tiger shark has many sharp teeth.

This is compare and contrast.  It tells the differences and similarities between the two sharks.


What is the theme of this poem?

If you root yourself 

In love

And kindness,

Your heart will always bloom.

A person will be happy if they focus on love and kindness.

What are all of the Fanboys? Place a comma where it would go by each fanboy if they were combining two independent clauses.

,for    ,and    ,nor    ,but    ,or   ,yet   ,so


True or False: I am ready for the AASA.

True- No question about that-you are ready!!!


What is dialogue? What would it look like in a 

1. Drama?

2. Prose?

3. Poem?

Dialogue is a conversation in text.

1. In a drama it would come after the character's name (their line).

2. Prose is writing that is not a drama or poem and the dialogue would come in quotation marks

3. Dialogue in poems would most likely be in quotations marks. 


Find the main idea of the paragraph:

Dolphins are mammals that live in the ocean. Mammals are different than fish, reptiles, or birds. As a mammal, dolphins breathe oxygen, even though they live in water. Because they are mammals, a dolphin mother gives birth to a live baby, unlike reptiles and birds who lay eggs. A dolphin mother also feeds her baby milk like other mammals.

A dolphin is a mammal 


What element does this poem have?

Our soup is deeper than the sea.

Our noodles stretch a mile.

Our bread sticks are longer than a train.

It's sure to make you smile.


This poem uses exaggeration, which are called hyperboles. 


Put the adjectives in the correct order:

She was a black-haired, tall, Scottish, beautiful woman.

She was a beautiful, tall, black-haired, Scottish woman.


What are some strategies you can take to do your best while taking the AASA?

Go back and highlight where you get your answer, highlight the question to make sure you know what it is asking, read the text carefully (twice if needed), check your answers, stay calm but alert, have a positive mindset (negativity will shut off your brain), get excited about every passage, pretend you are interested (it will help you understand it better), take your time