Social Skills
Cooking Skills
Hygiene skills
Health skills
Safety Skills

True or False:  When having a conversation with some it is okay to do all the talking and not let the other person speak at all.  

What is False. You should always take turns in a conversation and listen when others speak.

Cheese should go here.
What is the refrigerator

I just burped in the middle of a silent room. I should do this.

What is say excuse me!


TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink pepsi with every meal, as long as I don't eat as much that day.

What is FALSE. You should limit your soda intake and drink more water!!


True or False.  You see a famous person at the Mall.  It is okay to run up and hug them.  

What is False. It is good to be friendly but you shouldn't walkup to a stranger and hug them.  


When I am out in the community it is okay to stand closely to a stranger and speak to them.

What is no.  We should keep our distance and not speak to strangers.  

Crackers should go here.
What is the pantry

Before cooking, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should do this.

What is wash my hands with soap.


True or False:  It is not necessary to take a break when you are mad.  

What is false.  Taking a break when you are mad is a good way to calm down.  


It's important to know where to go during a fire.

What is yes.  


True or False When someone does not quickly respond to my calls or texts, I should repeatedly call or text them until they respond.

What is False. They may be busy, and repeatedly calling/texting would be annoying and frustrating to others.


Leftovers should go here.

What is the refrigerator. 


True or False. I just used the bathroom but I'm in a hurry. Because I'm in a hurry, it's ok that I don't have time to wash my hands. 

What is FALSE. You should ALWAYS wash your hands after using the bathroom!!!


When playing cards or a board game it is perfectly okay to be angry when you loose.  

What is No.  It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner.


True or False:  It is okay to stand in the yard and watch when there is a tornado.

What is False.  You should be in the basement when a tornado is coming. 


If someone is different from me and does things that appear strange like rocking back and forth or talks to himself, should I be friendly and patient or just stare at them?

What is be friendly? Everyone is different, and that is okay.


True or false: I should eat my meals in my bedroom.  

What is False:  I should have most of my meals in the kitchen where food is kept. Food in the bedroom can be considered unsanitary.  


TRUE or FALSE It's hot in here. I feel like taking off my shoes and socks to air out my sweaty feet. I think it is ok to take off my socks and shoes in the classroom, my friends and teachers won't mind. 

What is False. You need to keep your socks and shoes on at school and follow the dress code. 


This is how many meals I should eat each day.

What is 3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small, healthy snacks in between are okay such as carrots or fruit.


I met this really nice person when I was by myself and they asked me to get in the car with them because they have a special surprise. I should

What is say "no thanks" and walk away immediately.


True or False:  It is okay to get into someone else's belonging's when they aren't looking.  

What is False. it is never okay to get into someone else's things.  


It is okay to keep food in my room.

What is no.  Food belongs in the kitchen.


My breath is starting to smell bad. I can feel food stuck in my teeth. What should I do.

What is brush my teeth. (every day)


True or False:  It is not important to eat fruits and vegetables everyday.  

What is False.  It is important to eat healthy food everyday.  


I DON'T like what is happening at school today.  It is okay to pout and be angry.

What is no.  Its important to go to school and to try to learn new things.  Pouting and being angry won't change anything.