Early Presidents
The First Political Parties
Early Challenges
Election of 1800
War of 1812
This first president of the United States did not believe in political parties but usually sided with the Federalists.
Who is George Washington?
These were the first two political parties in the United States.
What were the Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans?
What did American settlers do that angered Native Americans living in the Midwest.
What is move onto lands promised to the Native Americans
The result of the presidential election of 1800.
What is a tie?
The British and most Native Americans
Who opposed the Americans in the War of 1812?
This second President of the United States was a Federalist.
Who is John Adams?
This leader of the Republicans believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and thought that all people should participate in government.
Who is Thomas Jefferson
Name of event in which farmers in western Pennsylvania rebelled against the tax on whiskey.
What is the Whiskey Rebellion?
Who decided the presidential election when there is a tie in the Electoral college?
What is the House of Representatives?
This last battle of the War of 1812 was won by General (and future President) Andrew Jackson.
What is the Battle of New Orleans?
This third President of the United States was a member of the Democratic-Republicans party.
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
This was a Federalist creation dealing with money that Jefferson did not do away with.
What is the National Bank?
America's stance on foreign affairs during the late 1700's that prevented them from taking sides in a conflict.
What is neutrality?
What did Jefferson believe about the size and power of the federal government that resulted in him stopping most federal taxes?
What is that it should be limited?
This law resulted from American ships being searched and seized by the British.
What is the Embargo Act of 1807?
This fourth President of the United States was a member of the Democratic-Republicans.
Who is James Madison?
According to the Federalist, these laws protected the security of the nation. On the other hand, Republicans believed these laws were created to take away their power by reducing the number of people who would be able to vote for them.
What were the Alien and Sedition Acts?
The British angered the U.S. by interfering with American shipping and capturing American ship crews and forcing them to join the British navy. This act is known as __________.
What is impressment?
This case established the principle of judicial review.
What is Marbury v. Madison?
This battle was lost when the British burned down the White House.
What is the Battle of Washington, D.C.?
The fifth President of the United States was the last "Founding Father" President and a Democratic-Republican.
Who is James Monroe?
The Kentucky resolution stated that states might nullify federal laws they considered unconstitutional because the powers of the federal government were limited to those clearly assigned to it by the Constitution. The principle is known as _______________.
What is State's Rights?
A dispute with France in which three French agents demanded a bribe from the U.S.
What is the XYZ Affair?
This is the supreme law of the land that must be followed when there is a conflict with any other law.
What is the Constitution?
This ended the War of 1812.
What is the Treaty of Ghent?
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