War of 1812
Constitutional Convention
First Industrial Revolution
Westward Expansion
Presidential Stuff


The Battle of ______ gained American support after the destruction of the White House.

What is Baltimore?


In 1787, delegates met in Philadephia to build a stronger federal government and revise the Articles of _________.

What is the Confederation?


The ____ ____ was a new invention that saved the institution of slavery in the South.

What is cotton gin?


President ______ _______ doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase.

Who is Thomas Jefferson?


The Embargo Act of _____ cut trade with Europe and devastated the American economy. 

What is 1807?


______ ________ became a national hero at the Battle of New Orleans.

Who is Andrew Jackson?


These two plans were combined to create Connecticut Compromise to create a national government.

A. Missouri & New York

B. New Jersey & Virginia

C. Connecticut & New Hampshire

What is B (New Jersey and Virginia) to resolve the issue of representation in Congress?


People began to move from their farms to the ________ in search of new factory jobs.

What are cities?


Jefferson's presidency is significant for a.___________ and b.__________.

What is a. increasing the national borders b. limiting the size of government


Alexander Hamilton wanted the new government to repay the war debt and _________.
What is create a stronger national government?


British troops entered Washington DC and set the White House on fire. This event was caused by:

a. Duke Wellington was chosen to manage British troops

b. French forces in the Northwest Territory gain power

c. Napolean was recently defeated at Waterloo

What is c (Napolean was defeated at Waterloo)?


The _____ Compromise allowed southern states to maintain slavery while offering partial representation in Congress. 

What is Three-Fifths?


The ______ Road inspired America to build more roads to improve migration to the western territories. 

What is Cumberland?


___________ and __________ led the Corps of Discovery exploration of the western territories. 

Who are Lewis and Clark?


George Washington set a new precedence for a ___ term presidency.  

What is 2?


Three reasons the U.S. entered the war of 1812 are:

1.______, 2._______, 3._______

What is 1. impressment of American sailors, 2. British assistance of Native Americans, 3. trade restrictions by Great Britain?


Representatives wanted to change the Articles of Confederations for these 3 reasons:

1._______, 2.______, 3.______

What is 1. create a national defense, 2. resolve conflicts between states 3. create a national currency?


There were many new inventions during this time. The ______ was created to improve shipping methods and trading. 

What is steamboat?


__________ helped the explorers with navigation techniques and relations with native tribes as they traveled across the West. 

Who is Sacajawea?


The National Bank was created to fix the _____ and measurement system and ____ money for the entire nation. 

What is weights & coin (in that order)?


________ won the war of 1812.

a. United States

b. Canada

c. Great Britain

What is b (Canada)? Canada forced the US Army at the end of every invasion. 


The ____ of _____ was added to the Constitution to secure the natural rights of citizens.

What is Bill of Rights?


The _____ Canal provided a new source of waterway transportation for consumer goods and people. 

What is Eerie?


The Monroe _______ established American foreign policy in regards to Europe and imperialism.

What is the Doctrine?


The US Supreme Court case _______ vs _______ established a balance of power between the three branches of government.

What is Marbury vs. Madison?