Exponents and PEMDAS
Evaluate Algebraic Expressions using Order of Operations
Write Algebraic Expression
Identify Parts of Expressions and Combine Like Terms
Number Properties: Equivalent Expressions
The bill with the greatest value ever printed in the United States had a value of 10^5 (ten to the fifth power) dollars. What is that dollar amount?
What is $100,000
The expression 180 x (n - 2) gives the sum of the measures of the angles, in degrees, of a polygon with n sides. What is the sum of the measures of the angles in a polygon with 10 sides?
What is 1,440 degrees.
There are 16 ounces in 1 pound. Write an expression that gives the number of ounces in pounds. Use p to represent pounds.
What is 16p.
A basketball uniform consists of a jersey top and basketball shorts. The jersey tops costs $16 each, and the basketball shorts cost $12 each. The expression 16u + 18u represents the cost, in dollars, of buying u uniforms. What are the terms of this expression?
What is 16u and 18u. (Seperated by an addition sign)
Micah buys 7 mystery books and 3 fantasy books. He writes the equation 7 + 3 = 3 + 7 to figure out how many books he buys. What property did Micah use?
What is commutative property.
J.J. is making a patio in his yard. He needs a total of 15^2 (fifteen squared) concrete blocks to cover the area. How many blocks does John need?
What is 225 blocks.
The expression 500v gives the number of points Collin earns for completing v voyages in a video game. How many points are earned for completing 8 voyages?
What is 4,000 points.
The length of a swimming pool is 5 feet shorter than twice the width. Let w represent the width. Write an expression that gives the length of the swimming pool.
What is 2w - 5.
Sandwiches cost $5, french fries cost $3, and drinks cost $2. The expression 5n + 3n + 2n gives the total cost, in dollars for buying a sandwich, fries, and drink for n people. What is another way to write this expression
What is 10n. (Combine like terms)
Ian bought a basketball for $23, three baseball caps, and a pair of running shoes for $37. To find the total cost in dollars, he wrote 23 + 3d + 37 = 23 + 37 + 3d. Which property does the equation show?
What is commutative property. The order changed.
Which is a way to write 2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 5 with exponents and two bases?
What is 2^3 x 5^2
The expression (p/20) x 4 gives the time in minutes that a person will have to wait to ride a roller coaster when there are p people in front of him or her. How long will Marly have to wait if there are 60 people in front of her?
What is 12 minutes
The price of a skateboard is $5 less than 3 times the price of a pair of knee pads. Let k represent the price of the knee pads. Write an expression that gives the price of the skateboard.
What is 3k - 5
Jacob bought granola bars at the store. The expression 6p + 5n gives the number of bars in p boxes of plain granola bars and n boxes of granola bars with nuts. What are the coefficients of the expression?
What is 6 and 5 (the number multiplied by a variable)
Brandon bought 6 packs of football cards, p packs of hockey cards, and 4p packs of baseball cards. Brandon wrote this number sentence to find the total number of cards he bought. (6 + p) + 4p = 6 + (p + 4p) Which property did he use?
What is Associative Property Of Addition
Mascie placed 2^4 (two to the fourth power) books onto each of 5 shelves. How many books did she place on the shelves in all?
What is 80 books.
The difference in meters, that Sydney runs during track practice is equal to 400t + 100s, where t is the number of laps and s is the number of sprints. How far does Sydney run when she does 3 laps and 8 sprints?
What is 2,000 meters
Caleb bought jeans for $16 each. Let j represent the amount of jeans Caleb bought. He gave the cashier $80. Write an expression to represent the amount of change Caleb will receive. (assuming he doesn not spend more than he has)
What is 80 - 16j
Jackets cost $15 and a set of decorative buttons cost $5. The delivery fee is $5 per order. The expression 15n + 5n + 5 gives the cost, in dollars, of buying jackets with buttons for n people. What is another way to write this expression?
What is 20n.
A restaurant owner bought b large bags of flour for $45 each and b large bags of sugar for $25 each. The expression b (45 + 25) gives the total cost, in dollars, of the flour and sugar. Use the distributive property to rewrite this expression.
What is b x 45 + b x 25. *** 45b + 25b
Evaluate the expression. 4^2 + 3 (7 - 2) + 4
What is 35.
The formula P = 2 (l + w) gives the perimeter of a rectangle with length l and width w. What is the perimeter of a rectangular soccer field with a lenth of 120 yards and a width of 75 yards?
What is 390 yards.
On Saturday, Austin planted 10 rows of tomato plants with p plants in each row. On Sunday, he planted 6 rows of pepper plants with p plants in each row. Write an expression that gives the total number of plants Austin planted this weekend.
What is 10p + 6p = 16p
Scarves cost $12 and snowmen pins cost $2. Shipping is $3 per order. The expression 12n + 2n + 3 gives the cost, in dollars, of buying scarves with pins for n people. What is another way to write this expression?
What is 14n + 3
Use the distributive property to write an expression equivalent to 12b + 20y.
What is 4 x (3b + 5y)
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