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This is the unabbreviated name of the most common virus that causes bronchiolitis

What is Respiratory syncytial virus?


This is the cost of a full respiratory virus panel.

What is $75?


This is the typical flow rate used for HFNC.

What is 2 mL/kg/minute?

2 mL/kg is also the approximate dead space in an older child.

Dead space in infants is 3 mL/kg.


This is when patients typically reach the peak of their symptoms.

What is 4-5 days?


This is the name of an organization that advocates for reduced use of unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures.

What is "Choosing Wisely" (R).


These are 2 signs/symptoms of someone who has hypoxia. 

What is:

- cyanosis

- altered level of consciousness

- impaired memory

- "feeling weird"**most common

Blurred/tunnel vision, air hunger, hot and cold flashes, euphoria, numbness, tingling, apprehension, nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, belligerence.


This is the what the X-axis represents.

What is their age (in months)?


The amount of radiation from a CXR (single view)  is equivalent to ___ day(s) of background radiation.

What is 1 day?

Ref:  https://www.imagegently.org/


This is the generic name of the medication used for RSV immunoprophylaxis.

What is palivizumab?


This figure illustrates various mechanisms that lead to respiratory failure in bronchiolitis.  This is what "D" represents.

What is interstitial edema? (or pulmonary edema)

Excess fluid accumulates in the space surrounding the capillary walls.  

From Sinha, I.  Chest, 2015


This is a difference between the DFA and a Respiratory Infection Panel (Viral).

What is testing for 3 viruses versus 15?

-DFA = direct fluorescent-antibody assay for RSV, Influenza A, Influenza B (>95% sensitivity). PCR test 

- Respiratory Pathogen panel - 15 respiratory viruses.  PCR test.


When nebulized epinephrine is used in bronchiolitis, it is primarily used to achieve this.

What is bronchodilation?

Half-life of IV epi is <5 minutes.


This is the composition of the purple blob.

What is mucous, epithelial cells and "cellular debris".


This device is used to immobilize a patient for a CXR

What is a Pigg-O-Stat?  (or what is a PediaGraph Immobilizer)


These are 2 characteristics of an infant’s airway that would limit the effectiveness of salbutamol.

What is:

1) immature bronchiolar smooth muscles

2) fewer beta-agonist lung receptor sites

Ref: CPS Bronchiolitis Guideline which quotes Anil,A. Pediatric Pulmonol 2010