Civil Rights
Constitutional Compromises
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch
This amendment guaranteed the right to vote to all eligible males who were American citizens
What is the Fifteenth Amendment
This proposal for representation, named after a northeastern state, called for an equal number of representatives per state, regardless of population, and favored smaller states
What is the New Jersey Plan
States are guaranteed to have this many Senators.
What is two
Electoral votes for presidential candidates are cast by this body, established by the Founding Fathers to serve as a buffer between the people and the government to reduce the risk of "tyranny of the masses."
What is the Electoral College
This is the name given to the most senior justice serving on the Supreme Court
What is the chief justice
This amendment, passed in 1919, gave women the right to vote.
What is the 19th Amendment
This proposal for representation in Congress, named after a southern state, was based on state populations and favored larger states
What is the Virginia Plan
States are guaranteed to have at least this many Representatives in the House.
What is one
This department, established in 2001, is the most recent addition to the Cabinet.
What is the Department of Homeland Security
The first court to hear a case has this kind of jurisdiction
What is original jurisdiction
This amendment extended the right to vote in presidential elections to residents of Washington, DC.
What is the 23rd Amendment
This compromise established how slaves in the South would be counted when determining representation.
What is the Three-Fifths Clause
Specialized groups of legislators that consider specific national issues are known as this.
What are committees
Though this governmental institution is technically separate from the three branches of government, it carries out the nation's fiscal and monetary policies.
What is the Federal Reserve
A court that has jurisdiction of all cases of a certain type, such as those involving states, has this kind of jurisdiction
What is exclusive jurisdiction
These laws were used by the Southern states to prevent the newly-freed African-Americans from exercising their civil rights.
What are Jim Crow laws
This compromise, named for a northeastern state, combined two earlier proposals for representation in Congress, basing the House of Representatives on population and guaranteeing two senators per state
What is the Connecticut (Great) Compromise
This house of Congress investigates government officials in cases of impeachment.
What is the House of Representatives
This system of political appointments by the president, usually consisting of members of the president's party, was started by Andrew Jackson.
What is the spoil system
When a justice interprets the Constitution based on the intent of the Founding Fathers, that justice is using this.
What is judicial restraint
These acts, passed between 1964 and 1968, banned the use of literacy tests and gave the federal government the power to enforce the ability of discriminated people to vote.
What are the Civil Rights Acts
The Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise guaranteed that the international slave trade would not be hindered by the federal government for at least this amount of time.
What is 20 years
The leader of the House of Representatives, known as this, is third in the line of presidential succession.
What is the Speaker of the House
This clause of the Constitution gives the federal government the authority to enact laws in order to fulfill its constitutional duties.
What is the Necessary and Proper (Elastic) Clause
When a justice interprets the Constitution using their own views and opinions, that justice is using this.
What is judicial activism
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