Whats different?

Who is the main Disney icon?

Mickey Mouse is the main icon for Disney, dating back to 1928 being created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks


Is there a type of anime that is only intended for adults? If so, what's it called?

Hentai was dated back to 1868, but it wasn't known as that yet. It started going by that name in the early 20th century. The term first being used in 1914.


Is Dragon Ball Z an anime or a cartoon

Dragon Ball Z is an anime even though it also has an influence on Western society it's not as influential as Pokémon; making it an anime and not a cartoon.


What is the biggest cartoon company? 

What is the Walt Disney Company, Dating back to almost 100 years on October 16th, 1923.


What year was the first anime created (closest guess gets it)

The first anime was created in 1917, and the name of that anime was called Namakura Gatana


Is Pokémon an anime or a cartoon?

While it originated in Tokyo Japan it is considered to be anime and a cartoon because of its influence on Western society even though it originated in Japan.


What year was the first cartoon created?(closest guess gets it) BONUS: Who created it OR what's it called? +300

The first cartoon was created in 1908, made by Emile Cohl, being called Fantasmagorie.


Is there an intended audience for anime? BONUS: If so, what would you guess the age range to be? +200

Anime is allowed for all if aproved by parents for younger children, so there is no intended audience. The most common age range would be 18-29.


Which one is more popular? Anime or cartoons? 

Anime has become more popular over the years but the main spike of activity happened during COVID.


Is there an intended age group for cartoons, such as maybe looney toons?

Cartoons are meant for all age groups young and old, theres no limit. Cartoons are used to entertain children, and in some retirement homes they are played. 


What is the largest anime studio?

Sunrise Studio is the largest anime studio dating back to 1972. They have animated Code Geass, Gintama, Cowboy Bepop, and from what I could find 566 more animes.


What is the diffrence between Anime and Cartoons?

Anime is animated and drawn in Japan, made to be more dramatic, and usually has more effects to make it more exotic. Cartoons are more drawn by story lines and morals. The drawing style more soft and subtle. What is animation style and plot?