African American Studies combines what type of approach with the rigors of scholarly inquiry to analyze the history, culture, and contributions of people of African descent in the U.S. and throughout the African diaspora.

What is Interdisciplinary?


Used as a tomb for the pharaohs, this wonder of the world was stolen in the first Despicable Me movie.

What are the Pyramids of Giza?


In West African societies, these storytellers and oral historians are known for passing down the history, legends, and cultural heritage through their captivating narratives and music.

Who are Griots?


This historically significant region, nestled along the eastern shores of Africa, has been a melting pot of cultures, where African, Arabian, and Indian influences converge.

What is the Swahili Coast?


This 15th-century African ruler, renowned for her fierce resistance against Portuguese colonial forces and her strategic diplomacy, is a symbol of African resistance and leadership.

Who is Queen Nzinga?


Technological and agricultural advances led to population growth that led this group of people to expand southward and eastward, resulting in a linguistic influence throughout the region

Who are the Bantu?


Also called Kush or Meroe, this ancient African civilization located below Egypt was wealthy due to international trade and its gold deposits.

What is Nubia?


This term, often observed in religion and culture, describes the blending or reconciliation of different beliefs, practices, or traditions into a harmonious and unified whole.

What is syncretism?


In the early 16th century, this European country made a significant impact on the Swahili coast cities when they invaded and established control over strategic trading posts.

What is Portugal?


This powerful 16th-century queen mother of the Benin Empire, known for her role in advising and supporting her son in ruling, is also celebrated for her military leadership and her cultural contributions, including an ivory mask.

Who is Queen Idia?


Showing the importance of Black contributions to advancements of medicine and transportation, the mural of the same name was painted by what artist.

Who is Thelma Johnson Streat?

Existing from the 15th to 16th centuries, this civilization followed the Mali empire and was located at a nexus of trade routes

What is the Songhai Empire?


This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southern Africa features a complex of stone structures, including massive walls and enclosures, dating back to the 11th century.

What is Great Zimbabwe?


The Swahili coast cities, known for their vibrant trade and diverse cultural influences, have a strong historical connection to this religion, which shaped their architecture, language, and way of life.

What is Islam?


During the late 19th century, European powers engaged in a frenzied rush to colonize and establish dominance over the African continent, resulting in an intense period of European imperialism

What is the Scramble of Africa?


1975 was the first year this conference was held, bringing together academics, students, and more, with the phrase "Paradox with a Promise" on the program

What is the National Black Studies Conference?


Around 1300 this city just north of the Niger River, a center of trade & learning, became part of the Mali Empire

What is Timbuktu?


This Afro-Caribbean religion, which originated in West Africa and blends elements of African spirituality with Catholicism, is known for its rituals, spells, and ceremonies often associated with dolls and pins.

What is voodoo?


This 17th-century African king of a central African Empire, known for his efforts to protect his kingdom from European colonization and promote Christianity, left a lasting legacy as a pivotal figure in the history of African-European interactions.  

Who is King Nzinga of the Kongo?

These two island nations, located off the west coast of Africa, share a colonial history marked by Portuguese influence, which is reflected in their languages and culture. What are the names of these Atlantic Ocean island countries

What is Cabo Verde and São Tomé


Located on the second largest continent, this river that passes through four countries was the location of the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Empires.

What is the Niger River?


This 14th-century ruler of the Mali Empire made his legendary pilgrimage to Mecca that showcased his immense wealth and established his reputation as one of the richest individuals in history

Who is Mansa Musa?


Found within the archaeological complex of Great Zimbabwe, this remarkable stone structure stands out as the largest single ancient building in sub-Saharan Africa.

What is the Great Enclosure?


Located in Central Africa, this historic kingdom flourished from the 14th to the 19th century and was known for its centralized government, rich culture, and early interactions with European explorers.

What is the Kingdom of the Kongo?


This European city, situated in the southwestern part of Spain, played a significant role in the international slave trade, serving as a major hub for the transatlantic exchange of enslaved Africans during the Age of Exploration.

What is Seville?