America before 1607 & Colonial Amer. to 1750
British Amer. to Revolution 1750-1787
A New Nation 1787-1815
America between 1815-1860
Turning Points
The exchange of goods, ideas, diseases, and people between Europe, Africa, and the Americas...
What is the Columbian Exchange
Despite insurmountable odds the American Colonists defeated the British in the Revolutionary war for Independence. These were some of the reasons why the Hegemonic Power, Great Britain, lose to the ragtag American colonists?
What is i.e. - military and financial advantages by Great Britain were strained because of - conflict from France taking English attention away from the American warfront, ideological commitment, American Frontier/Guerilla Warfare etc.
Added after the Constitutional Convention, this persuaded Anti-federalists to ratify the Constitution because it expounded upon rights not directly written in the original Constitution.
What is the Bill of Rights?
Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners, which is similar to this behavior shared by many Americans toward immigrants.
What is Nativism?
A) 1492 B) 1588 C) 1607 D) 1763 E) 1803
What is A) European Contact in the Americas B) English defeat Spanish Armada C) Jamestown first English settlement in N. Amer. D) Proclamation of 1763/End of French & Indian War E) Louisiana Purchase- United States doubles in size
A route in the "Triangle Trade" shipping is said that up to one in every four Africans perished on this dreaded, harsh trip between the western coasts of Africa and the many West Indies, Latin American and North American ports.
What is the Middle Passage?
The end of Salutary Neglect brought about many encounters between the American Colonists and the British that would eventually lead to war! Name at least three factors on the path to revolution.
What is i.e.- Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Boston Massacre etc.
Alexander Hamiltion was in favor of this type of economic plan but Thomas Jefferson led the opposing view of this type of economy.
What is Industrial/Mercantilistic and Agrarian/Subsistence?
The advent (arrival) of canals, railroads, mechanized agricultural tools typified this era in the United States?
What is the Market Revolutions?
Put these events in chronological order: A) Intolerable Acts B) Battle at Yorktown C) Treaty of Paris D) Boston Massacre E) Lexington and Concord
What is D, A, E, B, C
This region was established by Puritans, Quakers and other Seperatists. The economic activity found here is a mix of agriculture and commerce.
What is New England?
This one immediate result of the French and Indian War caused raising tensions between the American Colonists and the well, as Native Americans.
What is the Proclamation (Line) of 1763?
A tax, purposed by Hamilton's plan, on this commodity lead to strife among the resentful and neglected backcountry farmers and amplified the stratification/differences between the frontier farming communities and the merchant elitists in America's major part cities.
What is Whiskey?
Sectional divisions between the Southern/Middle States and Northern States seemed to always come back to what issue?
What is slavery?
A) 1776 B) 1781 C) 1787 *Hint: Documents
What is A) Declaration of Independence B) Articles of Confederation C) Constitution of the USA
The close economic relationship the American colonies and Great Britain where the aim was the balance of trade that favors the mother country is...
What is Mercantilism?
This was inspired by Thomas Paine's Common Sense and Enlightenment thinkers like John Locke. It listed grievances against King George III and stated a definitive agenda of the American Colonists.
What is the Declaration of Independence?
Daily Double: Even though George Washington warned against THIS...opposing loyalties and tensions with Britain and France lead to these different groups.
What is What is Political Parties : Federalists and Dem.-Republicans?
These two groups of people (largest groups of immigrants) settled mostly in cities but also migrated and settled the frontier in the Northwest and Midwest.
Who are the Irish and Germans?
The years these wars ended... A) French and Indian War B) War of 1812 C) Revolutionary War D) Mexican-American War *DOUBLE POINTS: State Results of War
What is A) 1763 B) 1815 C) 1783 D) 1848
Daily Double: Match the following terms with the correct European relation to their motivation for the colonization of the American Continents. A) Commerce B) Settlement C) Conquest
A) France B) Great Britain C) Spain
This set up states as more autonomous in making governmental and economical decisions and aimed simply to form a "friendship" or a loose political alliance among the United States.
What is the Articles of Confederation?
The Marbury v. Madison Supreme court case resulted in the Supreme Court's (Judicial) ability to determine if a Congressional act is constitutional, garnering much power to the courts. This is referred as Judicial Review...who was the presiding supreme court justice?
What is John Marshall?
Daily Double: Name two different reform movements and two people associated with reform between the 1820-1850's.
What is temperance, abolition, women's suffrage, information etc.
Place these Key Historical Figures in chronological order: A) Andrew Jackson B) John Smith C) George Whitefield D) Thomas Paine *Double Points: State their significance
What is B, C, D, A
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