Ancient Greece and Iran
Han China
India and S.E. Asia
Trade Routes
This third king of Persia extended the empire as far East as the Indus Valley, and to the Mediterranean in the West.
What is Darius I.
Romans elected these new officials from the lower classes to equalize power in the Roman Senate.
What is tribunes.
This empire became China's first empire, and laid the foundation for imperial China.
What is the Qin Dynasty.
Women and the poor prefer this religion because it does not believe in the Caste system.
What is Buddhism.
In addition to silk, chariots, crossbows, and stirrups were all traded along this trade route.
What is the Silk Road.
Under Darius, the Persian Empire was separated into provinces, each governed by this type of hereditary governor.
What is a Satrap.
The concept in Ancient Rome in which the oldest living male serves as the head of the household.
What is paterfamilias.
This idea was utilized in Chinese dynasties to justify the position of the leader in government.
What is the Mandate of Heaven.
The clash between these two groups led to the development of the Caste System in India.
What is the Aryans and the Dasas.
Trade along this route depended on seasonal winds known as this.
What is Indian Ocean trade route, Monsoons.
This religion of the ancient Persians helped to justify the king's position through a mandate from Ahuramazda.
What is Zorastrianism.
The period of Roman peace that followed the decline of the Roman Republic and the development of the Roman Principate.
What is the Pax Romana.
The basic unit of Chinese society was the family, and this was based on the hierarchical ideas of this belief system.
What is Confucianism.
This kingdom utilized standardized coinage, taxed its people, had a large imperial army, converted to Buddhism, and expanded much in the way of Alexander the Great.
What is the Mauryan Empire (324-184 BCE).
The spread of these peoples, their language, and culture through Southern Africa is a vivid example of cultural diffusion.
What is the Bantu Migrations.
The spreading of Greek culture throughout Northern Africa and much of Western Asia as a result of the conquests of Alexander the Great is known as
What is Hellenistic.
These individuals in Rome were unable to own property or to represent themselves in legal proceedings. They even had to depend on guardians to advocate for their interests.
What is Roman Women.
List three Han innovations.
What is steel, crossbow, horse collar, paper, silk, road building, canals.
The Gupta Empire was known as this because it was largely based on rituals, dramatic ceremonies, and cultural events supported by taxes collected by the central administration.
What is a Theater State.
These two religions were spread through Asia and Africa as a result of extensive trade routes.
What is Christianity and Buddhism.
These were the two rival camps in Greece. (List three differences between them and the war they fought against one another).
What is Sparta and Athens. Women Politics Military Values
This leader reunited the Roman Empire, ended the persecution of Christians, and guaranteed the freedom to worship to all religions.
What is Constantine.
Invasions by this group most likely led to the fall of the Han Dynasty.
What is the Xiongnu.
List two similarities and two differences between Hinduism and Buddhism.
What is karma, reincarnation, mono/polytheism, caste system, nirvana/moksha.
Name all 4 trade routes discussed and a good traded from each.
What is Silk Roads, Indian Ocean Trade Routes, Trans-Saharan, Sub-Saharan.
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