01 Causes of the Revolution
02 Declaration
03 Battles
04 Early Republic
04 Challenges & Constitution

The Navigation Acts were restrictive trade laws that were not enforced by Britain until the end of what policy?

Salutary Neglect


After the French and Indian War, this is seen as the very first cause of the American Revolution with the restriction of what movement?

Proclamation of 1763; made colonists stay east of the Appalachians in order to cut down on native attacks on the western frontier.


Name 2 British and American advantages.

British - Strongest, best and biggest army.  Well-supplied

America - Fighting for freedom, home field advantage and the French will ally


The first form of national self government was known by what name?

Articles of Confederation


The breakdown of the Constitutional Convention split into two factions.  What were they and what did they stand for?

Federalists - strong central government

Anti Federalists - strong state government


The Stamp Act was the first direct tax on the colonies in an effort to pay for what large British expense?

The French & Indian War


Describe the longest part of the Declaration of Independence.

Part 3: List of Grievances - Problems the colonists had with the British policies.


What role did von Steuben and Lafayette play in the Revolutionary War?

They provided much needed military training and military aid from Europe.


What were 3 weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

No power to tax, no ability to create an army, one branch (legislative), Unanimous decisions to amend, cannot create treaties, cannot create trade laws, all states had 1 vote.


This group opposed the Constitution.

Anti Federalists


How did Thomas Paine contribute to the Revolutionary Movement?

He published Common Sense which convinced many on the fence to become patriots and question the monarchy.


This cartoon from the early 1750s had what similar message to the mid 1770s?

Whether it is the French or British, the colonies must band together to protect each other and look out for Americans first.


What type of leadership did Washington provide?

In the face of overwhelming odds, he provided strength and increased morale.  He also gave hope to the soldiers with non-traditional tactics at Trenton and raised morale during Winter Quarters in Valley Forge.


How did the Articles of Confederation generate revenue?

It surveyed and sold land via the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance.


The Constitution is a bundle of compromises.  Name 2 of them.

Big States vs. Small States - Bicameral Congress

Delaying slave trade - 1807 outlawed

Bill of Rights - Antifederalists vs. Federalist

Slave population vs. free population (3/5th's Compromise)


How did this art contribute to the Revolution?

Paul Revere's picture swayed colonists were who neutral to become more patriot-minded.


Name 1 Enlightenment idea that influenced the document.

Montesquieu - "Separation of Powers"

Locke - "Natural Rights - Life, Land and Liberty"

Paine - Common Sense


Yorktown had what significance during the American Revolution?

Final battle where the French Navy trapped the British from escaping as they were simultaneously surrounded by the Americans.  It represented the final battle in which the British will surrender.


Daniel Shays was significant because of what issue?

His revolt led to calls for a stronger central government since the militia struggled to suppress them.


How did the Land Ordinances in the late 1780s help expansion and fuel the debate over slavery?

Encouraged settlement, the purchase of land and outlawed slavery in the Northwest Territories.


What was the British response to this event?

The British passed the Coercive (Intolerable) Acts to punish Bostonians for their role in the revolt.  It closed Boston harbor, cancelled town meetings and the Massachusetts' Legislature and allowed for the British to place soldier into private homes (Quartering Act).

Describe the 4 parts of the Declaration of Independence.

1 - Preamble - Purpose of document

2 - Declaration of Natural Rights - Describes a proper relationship

3 - List of Grievances - All the problems

4 - Resolution - Declares colonies as independent United States of America


The Treaty of Paris, 1783 represented what change?

All British holdings were turned over to America from the Mississippi River east to the Atlantic Ocean.


These were written by Alexander Hamilton in support of ratification of the Constitution.

The Federalist Papers


How did the Framer's protect against the consolidation of power?

Split the power vertically using Federalism - National, State and Local.

Separate the power horizontally - 3 Branches - Executive, Legislative and Judicial

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