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Things you should do in your art
Famous Artists
Stop Throwing Erasers
These three colors on the Color Wheel are made from the primary colors.
What are orange, green and purple. (secondary colors)
This describes when an object is placed over another object to create space or depth in an artwork.
What is overlapping.

He painted "Starry Night" and cut off a portion of his ear.

Who is Vincent Van Gogh.


These two items can be used to create a resist technique when using watercolor paints.

What are masking tape and white crayon.


This tool is used to apply ink to Printmaking foam.

What is a brayer.

This is a mark that moves across the page. Sometimes it can be horizontal, vertical, straight, curvy, or zig-zagged.
What is a line.
This balance is when the weight is the same on both sides.
What is symmetry.

He emulated comic books in his paintings using dots, speech bubbles and bold colors. His Painting NURSE sold for over $95 million in 2015.

Who is Roy Lichtenstein.


This material was used for our Embossed Letter Project. We used pencils to create grooves in the surface and had to set our material on a foam mat while we worked.

What is copper or metal.


True or False, when drawing from observation you should always draw the smallest details first.  


These can be geometric, free form or organic.
What are shapes.

This describes when something repeats itself over and over again.

What is repetition or pattern.


This artist created a variety of artwork. His famous art consists of broken up shapes or cubes. Often times when he created a portrait, the eyes and noses would be placed in silly places and abstracted. He also used blue to show he was sad and rose colors to symbolize he was happy.

Who is Pablo Picasso.


A drawing exercise where an artist draws the outline of a subject or object without looking at the paper.

What is Blind Contour.


This wooden figure can be manipulated into a variety of poses and used while learning to draw the human figure.

What is a drawing manikin.

The element of art that refers to the surface quality or feel of an object-it’s smoothness, roughness etc.
What is texture.
Used to make certain parts of a piece of Artwork standout. It is the place in which an artist draws your attention first.
What is Emphasis or Focal Point.

Jen Aranyi is a contemporary artist that we used as inspiration for our last project.  Name 3 different characteristics or themes that she used over and over again in her art.

What are landscapes, mountains, trees, colors, blended colors, night skies, resist, watercolor painting, mini art, tape resist, shapes.    


A picture can be defined by 3 layers. The objects that are in the very front of the picture or closest to the viewer are part of this section.

What is foreground.


Name the 2018-2019 theme for the St. Louise Yearbook.

What is "A St. Louise Student is a Community Member."

Refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.
What is value.

This type of balance is uneven.

What is asymmetry or asymmetrical.


He created art by setting his canvas on the floor and throwing paint onto the surface. He termed this technique "Action Painting." He was the master of splatter painting.

Who is Jackson Pollock.


In our printmaking project, we used this type of symmetry. Our designs were then printed in a grouping of 4, thus creating an additional image.

What is mirror, reflectional or diagonal symmetry.


When using watercolor paints, these 3 colors can be combined to create a skin tone.

What is orange, white and/or brown.

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