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As the summer sun sent scattered rays through the maple and oak leaves overhead, the young deer stood frozen, making it almost impossible for the hikers to see her. In the above passage, the word “frozen” means _______.
What is not moving
When the Pilgrims landed in what is now Massachusetts, they were fearful that the Native Americans would attack them. However, the people that they encountered, the Wampanoag Indians, were a peaceful and generous tribe. To encounter, is to _______.
What is meet.
The original Pilgrims called themselves the “Saints” and referred to others who joined with them for the voyage as the “Strangers.” In this context, “original” means _______.
What is the first.
Removing seeds from cotton plants was a slow job until Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. What is a cotton gin?
What is a machine.
Some people are sure that the new health care law will mean better care for everyone. Others argue that the law will mean less care and longer waiting lines for those who need to see doctors. It's a controversy that will not go away soon. A controversy is something that people _______.
What is have strong disagreements over
The United States has a vast amount of newly discovered clean geothermal (natural heat from the Earth’s crust) energy. Tapping into this energy source could provide at least 10 times the energy that can be obtained from the nation’s known coal reserves. What does “vast” mean?
What is a large amount
Fortunately, the explosion diverted the asteroid from a course that would have sent it hurdling into our planet. To divert is to _______.
What is change the direction of.
A wonderful 98 year old woman is working day and night to knit scarves to send as gifts for the troops. What a selfless person she is! A selfless woman _______.
What is cares more about others than herself
Wherever he goes, the esteemed Dr. Sanchez is applauded for his life saving research. What does “esteemed” mean?
What is greatly admired.
I believe that if you lower taxes so that people can keep more of the money they earn, it will be an incentive for them to work harder. What is the meaning of “incentive”? __________.
What is a reason to do something.
Poor Farmer Chevez labors sixteen hours a day and never has time for a vacation. He deserves better! Everyone should have at least one day a week for rest and relaxation. What does labors mean?
What is works.
The news story was based on a letter that was a fabrication. Now the reporter who wrote the story is in big trouble. Will anyone believe him again? A fabrication is __________.
What is fake
Speaking rudely to the judges was rash behavior. You really hurt your chances of winning! In the above context, what does “rash” mean?
What is with little thought or consideration
Christmas is a time when Dad reverts to his childhood. I really think he looks forward to Santa’s visit more than any other member of the family. Mom says that he’ll always be a child during this season. What does “reverts” mean in the above passage?
What is goes back to being what he was.
In the early 1600s, a dangerous trip across the Atlantic Ocean was a daunting idea. The Europeans, who would someday be known as the Pilgrims, must have been a very determined and brave group of settlers. A daunting task is one that would _______ someone.
What is frighten or intimidate
Fortunately, the dizzy spell was transient. He was able to continue playing within seconds and had no trouble winning the match. When you describe an event as “transient,” you are saying that __________.
What is doesn't last long.
Your plan looks good. I hope it will really work. It’s time to implement it and see if it’s as brilliant as you claim. What does implement mean?
What is carry out.
Sunshine said, “Amber, why are you making such a big deal about Robert’s hair? Yes, he did dye it purple. It is rather unusual for a guy to have purple hair. On the other hand, it’s not exactly going to change the course of world history. It’s really quite a trivial matter.” What does “trivial” mean?
What is unimportant.
The election could actually end up being decided in the U.S. Congress. Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, and perhaps Mr. Gore himself, would be able to vote on the matter. Some would argue that they should recuse themselves, but they would probably exercise their right to vote. What does “recuse” mean?
What is step aside and not be involved
The Saints and Strangers argued about how they would live in the New World. After much discussion, they came together and signed the Mayflower Compact. The Compact was _______.
What is an agreement
No matter where you go, the Internet is following you. Almost every portable device is being made with an Internet connection. Most new TVs and many other appliances come with Internet connections as well. The Internet is truly ubiquitous. What does ubiquitous mean?
What is it is everywhere.
Marsha is really an introvert. When I took her to Jason’s party, she sat in a corner without speaking to anyone. All she did was eat most of the snacks. The only reason she hangs out with me is because I never try to force her to be sociable. She would never forgive me if I introduced her to anyone. An introvert is usually _____.
What is shy.
Both sides in the election contest are throwing accusations at each other. The Gore supporters claim that Governor Bush is trying to thwart the will of the people. The Bush supporters say that Mr. Gore is trying to create votes or assign choices to people who did not really cast votes for president. What does “thwart” mean?
What is prevent or block
We walked slowly down the trail with great trepidation. No one who had gone this way had ever been heard from again. Had they simply found a better place to settle on this dark planet? We doubted that. What is “trepidation”?
What is worry.
Most of America's Founding Fathers did not believe in women's suffrage. Only men could vote in the United states until 1920. What is “suffrage” ?
What is the right to vote.