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This famous Farmer has acres of farmland for which he has a Cow, a Pig, some Sheep, a Duck and more.
Who is Old McDonald?
Not Bambi but, this is the name of a Baby Deer.
What is a Calf (or Fawn)?
This famous duo couple named their daughter Blue Ivy.
Who are Beyonce and JayZ?
This spinning apparatus hangs over a baby's head while in the crib and, usually will have animals hanging from it and, may even play music.
What is a mobile?
This famous Disney movie brings unlikely opposites together in this love story that contains the same letter in the first word and last word of its title.
What is Beauty and the Beast?
Fill in the Blank: BLANK BLANK BLANK, The Mouse Ran Up The Clock
What is Hickory Dickory Dock?
It isn't Michael J. or Megan but, this name would be what you would call a baby Fox.
What is a Kit, Cub or Pup?
This mother model and father musician star in the piano man's hit song and video "All of Me" and, you'll see her co-hosting on Lip Sync Battle.
Who are Chrissie Tieggen and John Legend?
This medicine is rubbed on baby's gums to make them feel better when they go through their teething stage.
What is Oragel?
This Disney Princess is well known for Glass Glittered Shoes.
Who is Cinderella?
These five letters spell the name of the dog that the farmer had and, the name may also win you some money.
What is B-I-N-G-O?
It isn't Billy or Jessica but, this would be the baby name of a Rabbit.
What is Bunny?
This celebrity couple named their son Silas Randall.
Who are Jessica Beil and Justin Timberlake?
This helpful piece of equipment is something a parent would use that helps to teach their child to go from the crawling stage to the next stage. They also call zombies this name in the Walking Dead.
What is a Walker?
This Disney character pretends to be a man.
Who is Mulan?
The King's Horses and, the King's Men couldn't put him back together after he fell off the wall he sat on.
Who is Humpty Dumpty?
As creatures of the night, this would be the baby name of an Owl.
What is an Owlet?
This power couple are the parents to Malia and Natasha and still reside in the Nation's Capital.
Who are Michelle and Barack Obama?
These types of doctors specialize in caring for children.
What are pediatricians?
This smash hit Disney song had the whole country saying "the cold never bothered me anyway."
What is Let it Go?
These 4 Body Parts are also included in the song Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.
What are Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose?
Native to Australia and kept in their Momma's Pouch, this baby name for a Kangaroo would match that of Mr. Taway, Mr. Fatone and, the funny uncle from Full House.
What is Joey?
These royal parents named their two children Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and George Alexander Louis.
Who are Prince William and Princess Kate?
While it is used to carry a number of other baby necessities while traveling, this item that helps you pack baby stuff is named for the disposable garment that babies "do their business in."
What is a diaper bag?
Disney debuted its first movie in 1937 and, this movie already tells you it has 8 characters in it just from its title.
What is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
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