Working Hard
Great Beginnings
I've got a Secret
Who Am I?
Nicolet Way
This is the name of my job.
What is a school counselor?
This is what you do when you do not understand what your teacher or another adult asks you to do.
What is ask a question?
This is the adult word for keeping a secret.
What is private or confidential?
This is my name.
Mrs. Granger
This is the Nicolet Way word for being kind to everyone at school.
What is respectful?
This is the most important part of my job as a school counselor.
What is listening and helping students?
This is what kids do who want to learn as much as they possibly can. (List up to 3 for more points.)
What are completing your schoolwork, studying, homework and reading every night?
This is the information I must share with other helping adults.
What is safety? Such as thinking of hurting someone else, hurting yourself, or someone is hurting you?
This is the number of children Mrs. Granger has of her own.
What is 3?
This is the Nicolet Way word for trying very hard all day, completing your homework and being proud of the things you learn.
What is Grrreat Learner?
These are the adults I work with that may help students with their problems. (List up to 5 for more points.)
Who are teachers, parents, principal, associate principal, police, community workers?
This helps to to stay organized and complete your work on time.
What is using your planner?
These are the trusted adults you or I may go to for big problems. (List up to 5 for more points.)
What are parents, teachers, principal, associate principal, police, other community workers?
This is what Mrs. Granger wants to do when she retires.
What is work as a campground host?
This is the Nicolet Way word for using your hands only for helping.
What is safe?
These are the types of problems that a school counselor may help a student to solve. (List up to 6 for more points.)
What are bullying, friendship, family, learning, sadness, anger?
This helps you to learn while your teacher is teaching. (List 2 for more points)
What are taking notes or paying attention?
Feelings, frustrations, worries, wishes
What are things you can talk to your counselor about that will be kept private or confidential?
This is my favorite thing about being a school counselor.
What is working with students? :-)
This is the Nicolet Way word for doing your the work and doing everything your teacher or other school adults ask you to do.
What is Responsible?
This is my ultimate goal as a school counselor.
What is helping every student to feel safe and to be the best learner they can possibly be?
This is what it is called when you decide on something specific you want to learn or achieve in a school year.
What is a goal?
Your school counselor will need to share these types of problems with other helping adults to keep you safe.
What are "Big Problems" such as wanting to hurt someone else or your self, or someone is threatening or actually hurting you?
This is how Mrs. Granger will let you know it is time to be quiet. (Extra points if you demonstrate.)
What is a 3-2-1-0 Quiet Signal?
This is the Nicolet Way.
What is Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Grrrreat Learners?
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