Never turn your back on these unpredictable kind of waves
What is a "Sneaker Wave"?
What is the normal (average) water temp of the ocean along the Oregon / Washington coast?
What is 55 degrees or colder
If you see a log in the surf or on wet sand you should do this.
What is stay off of it or AVOID IT?
In March 2017 a 14 year old Bandon, Oregon teen was killed by this when it was rolled on top of her.
What is a log
What is the one skill you should have to improve your chances of survival around water.
What is learn to swim, even a very basic stroke can help keep you afloat.
This can help you stay safe and prevent you from becoming trapped by the ocean.
What is a "Tide Table" Free tide tables are available at state park office, info centers, motels, restaurants and local papers
When caught in a rip current what should you do to get free?
What is do not panic, swim parallel to the shore until free, then head for the beach.
If you have to walk along the base of a cliff look up first for this?
What is loose dirt, loose rocks or overhangs to avoid
Most beach accidents could be prevented by what means.
What is paying attention to informational signs, warning signs and fences
What should be left at home, because it can break and cut you.
What is GLASS containers?
A distant tsunami may take 3-4 hrs to come ashore. You might not feel the earthquake. Name one resource to warn you and help with evacuating you safely.
What is: 1. NOAA weather radio, tune to 162.55 2. Local radio station or 102.7 FM 3. Know your tsunami zone, and if you are in one 4. Pick up a tsunami evacuation map
You should always do this before participating in any ocean activity.
What is tell someone where you are going to enter the ocean.
Jetties have dangers visible and invisible, name 2
What is: 1. Slippery rocks 2. Waves that can knock you down 3. Crevasses and Sink Holes 4. Strong currents near the Jetty which can make recovery difficult
In the last 17 years which event has caused more deaths? A) Falls from cliffs B) Logs rolling over someone C) Sneaker waves
What is Sneaker waves
Name 3 major areas of heat lose on the body
What is: 1. Head 2. Neck 3. Armpits 4. Chest 5. Groin
A Tsunami "Japanese for Harbor Wave" is a series of waves, usually caused by an undersea earthquake or landslide. A local tsunami could come ashore within how long after a quake?
What is 15-20 minutes
Don't rely on flotation devices, such as rafts or inner tubes in the ocean, use this instead.
What is a Coast Guard approved life vest.
Name 3 things you should do when walking around cliffs?
What is 1. Be aware they are unstable 2. Wear proper footwear 3. Stick to the trails 4. Stay behind the fences, rails and signs 5. Do not get to close to the edge
During an 8 month period from late June 2015 to February 2016, 5 people have died by accidental causes at this popular Oregon Coast destination. The average age of the victims is 19 years old. Name that place.
What is Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. Location is halfway between Tillamook Bay and Lincoln City
Swimming causes the body to lose heat at a much faster rate than remaining still in the water. If you find yourself in cold water, unable to get out, what should you do.
What is do not panic, adopt a defensive posture to conserve heat and wait for rescue.
Name 3 things to do in case of a local Tsunami
What is: 1. Drop cover and hold on until the earthquake is over 2. Move immediately INLAND to HIGHER ground 3. Go on foot if possible 4. Do not wait for an Official Warning 5. Wait to hear from local emergency officials before returning to low lying areas
Cold water robs the body's heat 32 times faster than cold air. True or False
What is True
It only takes this much water to move a 5 ton log
What is 4 inches of water?
Since the year 2000 how many people have died along the Oregon coast from: Cliff falls, logs rolling on someone or sneaker waves
What is about 30, preventable accidents Approx. 22 deaths from sneaker waves 5 from cliff falls 3 from known log rolls 4 injured from log rolls
Swimming or treading water can greatly increase heat lose and shorten survival time by this much.
What is 50%
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