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This condiment is the newest item to be in short supply due to covid. Hopefully production will catch up soon.



______________ is being sued by Nike for using this popular Air Max model to produce his controversial "Satan Shoes."

lil NasX


Rich guy nearly dies and starts to spend a lot of money to keep himself alive and look cool at the same time.



Who released the superhero movie that made the most money?

Marvel, Avengers Endgame

Marvel didn't release the highest-grossing superhero movie, they released the highest-grossing MOVIE of all time! In fact, as of 11/2020, Marvel has released 9 of the top 30 highest-grossing films of all time. DC has released 2/30. And they are 23rd and 30th on the list.


The 4 major Boston Sports teams. Name them

Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics


It’s orange and it sounds like a parrot

What is a carrot?


This state was the first to ban Covid Passports, that would require people to have proof of covid vaccination or negative test to enter public events/restaurants.



This popular 90's and early 2000's rapper sadly passed away at the age of 50 after suffering a heart attack a week ago.

Earl Simmons aka DMX


Rich kid sees something tragic and when they grow up vows to spend their life (and money) to make their city a safer place.



Who released the first comic book?

DC Comics

Between the two, DC is the first to create a comic book with all original content (1935). Marvel released their first comic book 4 years later in 1939.


In 2021, _______________ will play QB for the Washington Football Team. (hint: nicknamed “FitzMagic,” the veteran QB will make the Redskins his 9th NFL team)

Ryan Fitzpatrick


Modeled after US Presidents, this rock group has 4 men that don’t sing

What is Mount Rushmore?


This week is “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.” First consumed 2,000 years ago in the ancient Roman Empire, the sandwich has how many basic ingredients?

3 (Bread, Butter, Cheese)


This NFL Superstar recently expressed interest in continuing his role as guest judge of Jeopardy.

Aaron Rodgers


A surgeon who after an accident, lost the ability to work with his hands. Sought out the help from a higher power.

Doctor Strange


Who released the first mainstream superhero movie?

DC, Superman, 1978

Between the two, DC beat it to the box office. However the FIRST superhero movie credit goes to The Mark of Zorro, a silent film from 1920.

Superhero movies didn't really start to pick up until the late 1980's with the release of Batman. Marvel jumped on the bandwagon with the X-Men and Spiderman movies in the early 2000's.


News came out this past week that this NFL team will require you to be vaccinated to be able to enter the stadium.

Buffalo Bills


Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!


NASA has joined forces with what private air business when they recently signed an agreement aimed at improving flight safety, including satellite avoidance and orbit launch collision avoidance?



Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer star in this new Netflix comedy movie, about two women who gain superpowers through a science experiment.

Thunder Force


Has no memory of their past or their own age. Was tested on because of their mutant abilities. Escaped and only had dog tags as a form of identity.



Who created the first superhero "team"?

DC, the Justice Society of America, 1940

Composed of the Flash, the Green Lantern, and some lesser-known heroes, the JSA is credited as the first DC team. Hero teams would start picking up as much attention until 1960 with DC's Justice League. To keep up with the JL's success, Marvel unveiled their first superhero team in 1961... the Fantastic Four! 


The men’s basketball AP All American 1st team is made up of Luka Garza (Iowa), Jared Butler (Baylor), Ayo Dosunmu (Illinois), Corey Kispert (Gonzaga) and Cade Cunningham from what Big 12 school?

Oklahoma State


What's the difference between a poorly-dressed man on a tricycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle?



A California racetrack is suing an animal rights activist group because it did what at a recent day of racing at Golden Gate Fields horse track, forcing races to be cancelled?

laid down in the middle of the race track


Emilio Esteves returns for his role as Coach Gordon Bombay on this new Disney+ show. (hint: throwback movie/sport that involves ice)

Mighty Ducks


An intelligent, anthropomorphic marvel mammal, who is an expert marksman, weapon specialist and master tactician. His name and aspects of his character are a nod to The Beatles' 1968 song.

Rocket Raccoon


At one point, filed for bankruptcy?


In 1996, comics weren't selling well and Marvel borrowed more than they could payback. Most movie attempts leading up to 1998 were complete busts. But in 1998, Blade, based on a Marvel comic, helped Marvel see the potential. They came out of bankruptcy and found success with Fox adapting X-Men (2000) and Spiderman (2002) to film. The rest is history.


Last Friday, what team’s Joe Musgrove threw the first no-hitter of the 2021 MLB season and, also, the first ever no-hitter for what California-based franchise?

San Diego Padres


If you were to witness a robbery at an Apple store, what would we call you?

An iWitness

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