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Hodge Podge
Kids: This was Paul's name before he encountered a great and blinding light while on his way to Damascus. Adults: This was the name of Paul’s home town.
Kids: What is Saul? Adults: What is Tarsus?
Kids: This is the name of the city that Jesus was born. Adults: In the parable of the ten virgins, the unprepared virgins not bring this.
Kids: What was Bethlehem? Adults: What was oil for the lamps?
Kids: When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the people waved palm branches and shouted this phrase. Adults: This is the language that the New Testament was originally written in.
Kids: What was Hosanna? Adults: What was Greek?
Kids: This is who appeared to Joseph in a dream. Adults: This was Cain's occupation.
Kids: Who was an angel of the Lord? Adults: What was a farmer?
Kids: This is how the paralyzed man got to Jesus. Adults: This is the English translation for manna.
Kids: What was by the man's friends digging a hole in the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and lowering their friend down? Adults: What is “What is it?”?
Kids: Paul was run out of town for preaching about this person. Adults: This was Paul’s trade.
Kids: Who was Jesus Christ? Adults: What was tentmaker?
Kids: Before Jesus was arrested, He went to garden to do this. Adults: During his temptation in the wilderness, Jesus used this Old Testament book to quote when he rebuked Satan.
Kids: What was to pray? Adults: What was Deuteronomy?
Kids: God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have this. Adults: In the parable of the talents, this is how many more talents the servant with 5 talents made.
Kids: What is eternal life? Adults: What is 5 more?
Kids: King Solomon did this for God what his father, David, could not do. Adults: This Jewish holiday commemorates Esther's heroic acts.
Kids: What was build God a temple? Adults: What is Purim?
Kids: These are 12 things that the Israelites took out of the river as a remembrance of what God had done for them. Adults: According to scripture this is the city were the disciples of Christ first called 'Christians'.
Kids: What are stones? Adults: What was Antioch?
Kids: God used this to free Paul and Silas from jail. Adults: Paul was shipwrecked on this island.
Kids: What is an earthquake? Adults: What was Malta?
Kids: This is what Jesus used to resist the temptations of Satan while he was in the wilderness. Adults: This is the connection that Jesus mentions a fig tree sprouting leaves.
Kids: What was by responding by quoting Scripture? Adults: What is the end of the world?
Kids: John the Baptist wanted the people to do this. Adults: This is the approximate years that the New Testament was written.
Kids: What was repent and be baptized? Adults: What was 50 - 100 AD?
Kids: This is a person used by God to share His message with His people. Adults: Daniel was summoned to interpret the mysterious writing on the wall. This was his interpretation.
Kids: Who are prophets? Adults: What was that God was displeased with Belshazzar and his reign was at an end?
Kids: This is what King Solomon asked God for. Adults: This person was alive when the first wall was built around the city of Jerusalem.
Kids: What was wisdom? Adults: Who was Solomon?
Kids: Sent from Antioch, Paul was one of the first of these. Adults: This is the tribe that Paul was from.
Kids: What was a missionary? Adults: What is Benjamin?
Kids: Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He promised the disciples that He would send this. Adults: This is how long Jesus was in Jerusalem before His parents found Him.
Kids: What was the Holy Spirit? Adults: What was three days?
Kids: Jesus told the woman who had been sick for 12 years that this had healed her. Adults: When Jesus descended from the mount of transfiguration, he was greeted by this person.
Kids: What was her faith? Adults: Who was a man that sought healing for his epileptic son?
Kids: This is what God promised to build for David. Adults: This is how many decks did the ark had.
Kids: What is a house? Adults: What was three?
Kids: Lazarus had been dead for this many days before Jesus raised him. Adults: After God saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego the king issued a decree stating that this punishment would befall any who spoke against their God.
Kids: What was four days? Adults: What was that they would be cut up, and their houses torn apart?
Kids: On the way back to Rome, this is what happened to Paul. Adults: This is the part of Paul's clothing that Agabus used?
Kids: What was shipwrecked? Adults: What was Paul's belt?
Kids: Jesus made mud with these two things which he rubbed on the blind man's eyes. Adults: Thomas saw the risen Jesus this many days later than the rest of the disciples.
Kids: What was spit and dirt? Adults: What was 8 days?
Kids: This is the reason that Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and nights. Adults: This is the place that Jesus was when he showed himself to the disciples for the third time after his resurrection.
Kids: What was because the Spirit led Him there? Adults: Where was the Sea of Tiberias?
Kids: In the third battle that God won for the Israelites, God made this stand still for the whole day. Adults: About two months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites were suffering from sever hunger. They grumbled against Moses and wished they had stayed in Egypt. But the Lord sent quail and manna for them to eat. This is the name of the desert they were in.
Kids: What was the sun? Adults: What was Desert of Sin?
Kids: This is how God brought His people into the Promised Land. Adults: This book of the Bible is where this passage can be found. "For it is better to suffer for doing good, if suffering should be God's will, than to suffer for doing evil. For Christ also suffered for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, in order to bring you to God." (NRSV)
Kids: What is by stopping the flow of the Jordan River? Adults: What is I Peter?
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