This composer was known as the King of Ragtime, famous for compositions such as "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer".

Who is Scott Joplin?


This athlete became the first black player in Major League Baseball in 1947, winning MVP in 1949.

Who is Jackie Robinson?


These three black female mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan were hired by NASA's Space Task Group in 1961. Their service was documented in this biographical drama and book in 2016.

What is Hidden Figures?


This famous author also founded the National Negro Business League in 1900. 

Who is Booker T Washington?

The actor James Earl Jones is famous for the voice of this Star Wars character in the original trilogy.

Who is Darth Vader?


Songs often sung by slaves with hidden messages of escape and freedom from 1619 to 1865, heavily influencing early Gospel.

What are Negro Spirituals?


She was one of the first black tennis athletes to play internationally as well the first to when a Grand Slam title (1956).

Who was Althea Gibson?


This formerly enslaved botanist, nicknamed "The Peanut Man", made over 300 inventions from peanuts such as milk, plastics, paints, dyes, cosmetics, medicinal oils, soap, ink, and wood stains.

Who is George Washington Carver?


After a name change, this entrepreneur developed a special line of beauty and hair product for black women under her company utilizing her new name.

Who is Madam C.J. Walker?

She was the first African-American to win an Oscar due to Gone with the Wind.

Who was Hattie McDaniel?


This famous song by Louis Armstrong didn't barely received any recognition in America until 20 years after his death due to its inclusion in the Good Morning, Vietnam soundtrack

What is What a Wonderful World?


The "Galveston Giant" became the first black world heavyweight boxing champion in 1908.

Who is Jack Johnson?


She became the first black woman to go to space in 1992. 

Who is Mae Jemison?


This organization was founded in 1975 by Earl A. Pace Jr. and David Wimberly after the two met in Philadelphia to discuss their concerns about the lack ethnic minorities participating in the data processing industries. The organization currently serves a catalyst for professional technical development for minorities pursuing IT careers. 

What is Black Data Processing Associates, or BDPA?


This African American was a director and producer of 44+ films. He was also the first black full-length feature film maker and the first to make a film with vocals.

Who is Oscar Micheaux?


This was the first black artist to win a grammy. The year was 1958

Who was Ella Fitzgerald?


This Chicago IL-born American football player is notable for becoming the first black head coach in the NFL while also retaining his position as a running back.

Who is Fritz Polland?


This African American astronomer, mathematician and author constructed America’s first functional clock in 1753.

Who is Benjamin Banneker?


This freed slave founded New Philadelphia in Illinois in 1836, becoming the first African American to found a town. 

Who is Frank McWorter?


This composer of film scores took Negro Spirituals and elevated them to an art form for movies.

Who is Hall Johnson?


This world-famous jazz trumpeter died at age 25 in a car accident. He has composed charts such as "Joy Spring" and "Daahoud"/

Who is Clifford Brown?


This track-and-field athlete set three world records and tied another at the 1935 Big Ten Track meet at Ann Arbor, Michigan. He achieved international fame in winning four gold medals in at the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics

Who is Jesse Owens?


This inventor is the creator of the first traffic signal in 1923, selling the idea to General Eletric for $40,000.

Who is Garrett Morgan?


This entrepreneur became the first African American to manufacture cars in 1915. 

Who is Frederick Patterson?


She became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Who is Aretha Franklin?