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The auditorium is where you're sent if you're caught in one of these.

What is a tardy sweep?


The AT&T building downtown is lovingly called "the _________ building" because of its distinct shape. 

What is the Batman building?


__________________ is the capital of the USA, and I am often shocked people don't know it. 

What is Washington D.C.?


This club member is the oldest person in our club, the only senior, and my only relative.

Who is Corbin?


This man taught freshman math and retired from teaching last year (mostly due to Camden's behavior)

Who is Mr. Luebker?


Nashville is known for a few professional sports teams, however this hockey team ranks #2 in the city for most watched sports after the Titans.

Who are the Nashville Predators?


If you're snapchatting your Bae, and say "lmk", what are you asking them?

What is "let me know"?


These two students were disciplined for "vandalizing the school", even though their "vandalism" consisted of vandalizing garbage.

Who are Eli and Jonas?

This woman moved from working at Top Floor to being a senior counselor?

Who is Ms. Shelby Stone?


Nashville is known as "Music City, USA". In fact, one of the most famous ladies of country music grew up in Hendersonville in Sumner County. She sings such famous songs as "Shake it Off" and "Blank Space".

Who is Taylor Swift?


If a stunningly beautiful lady approaches you out of nowhere on social media and wants to have a conversation that involves you giving her your cash app handle, you're probably being _____________.

What is scammed or catfished?

These two individuals have the highest trust rating with me possible, at a AAAA bond rating. Their names are on the cooperative cabinet.

Who are Paul and Michael?


Prior to coming to Stratford, Dr. Pratt worked at which other Metro Nashville school?

What is East Nashville High School?


Everyone in Nashville claims to know Jelly Roll (at least everyone at the Waffle House I used to manage). He won three CMT awards in 2023 for this song "_________________"

What is "Son of a Sinner"?


In memorizing the planets, people often use the acronym MVEMJSUP. What does the "S" stand for?

What is Saturn?


This person on the leadership committee also plays football and has near-perfect grades. He is a junior. 

Who is Jacory?

These two men were once campus security people here, but no longer work here at Stratford.

Who are Mr. Lawless and AD?


Although not from Nashville, Memphis Native Pooh Shiesty topped the charts in 2020 with this hit song featuring Lil Dirk.

What is "Back in Blood"?


The main character in Paw Patrol, Marshall, works as a ____________________.

What is a firefighter?


This is the president of the Black Tie Club, a great entrepreneur, and connoisseur of the finer things.

Who is Nigel?

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