Who is the most decorated gymnast of all time, and has a combined 32 Olympic and World Championship medals? She is not only the most decorated but is the first American woman to win seven national all-around titles and the first female gymnast to win three consecutive World All-Around tiles, all before the age of 25.

Simone Biles


Though her rise to fame was marked by her singing talent, she has proven through ventures like Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty and her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty that she is also a top-tier businesswoman. In 2021, Forbes named her one of America's Richest Self-Made Women. At the time, she was estimated to be worth about $1.7 billion, making her the wealthiest female musician in the world. Who is she?



Who is is an award-winning singer and songwriter who has been hailed as one of the most gifted rhythm and blues singers of the current era and has earned her title as the Queen of neo-soul; a mix of modern soul and R&B with influences from hip-hop, jazz, pop, African music, and beyond.

Erykah Badu


She was not the first Black woman to refuse to give up her bus seat to a white person but she was the first to spark a major boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama. She has been called the "Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement". What is her name?

Rosa Parks


Which Black woman revolutionized women's tennis with her powerful style of play and for winning more Grand Slam singles titles (23) than any other woman or man during the open era.

Serena Williams


Who created her "own" television network after the longtime success of her talkshow that took place in Chicago, Ill.

Oprah Winfrey


Which black girl group was the most popular was the most popular in the 90's? Their fashion-forward outfits and distinctive music made them unique. They also inspired young teens to express their originality and embrace being different.



Who was the first African American woman to serve as the first lady of the United States, but she also continues to be a source of inspiration through her efforts to promote health and wellness for kids in America. Her story in her best-selling books "Becoming" and "The Light We Carry" encourage generations of women to dream big and never give up.

Michelle Obama


She is a Blasian tennis player and social justice advocate who, in 2019, became the first Asian player to reach the top of the Women's Tennis Association world rankings. She is also the first tennis player from Japan to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Naomi Osaka


Who is the youngest Black woman to win a grammy?

Blue Ivy Carter


Which Black woman is credited for breaking barriers for female rappers, popularizing melodic rapping and for bringing hip hop and neo soul to popular music. She is known for being the frontwoman of The Fugees, and for her 1998 solo album.

Lauryn Hill


Who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad and secured the freedom of at least 300 enslaved people, making 19 trips into the South over 10 years, and served as a spy and scout for the Union Army?

Harriet Tubman


Which track runner ran a new personal best of 10.72 seconds, becoming the sixth fastest woman of all time (at the time) and the fourth-fastest American woman in history. She was shot to fame when she qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, but was  suspended for one month after testing positive for THC.

Sha Carri Richardson


Who became the first African-American woman to travel into space when she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992.

Mae Jemison


Which black woman has won the most grammys?



Who became a self-made millionaire philanthropist after creating a hair product sold house-to-house, and later held what may be the first national meeting of businesswomen in the U.S. in 1917? She even has a netflix series about her based on her biography that is called "Self Made".

Madame C.J. Walker


After being introduced to gymnastics "by way of the cartwheel" as a child, she went on to be the first woman of color and the first Black gymnast in Olympic history to be the Individual All-Around Champion. Who is she?

Gabby Douglas


In 1987, she released her novel called Beloved, based on the true story of an African-American enslaved woman. This book was a Bestseller for 25 weeks and won countless awards including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In 1993, she became the first Black woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.Who is she?

Toni Morrison


Who was the 1st woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, She was also mentioned in Rolling Stones list of "Greatest Singers of All-Time." And she demands RESPECT!

Aretha Franklin

Which Black woman was a prominent Black investigative journalist, educator and activist in the early civil rights movement. She was one of the founders of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), and led a powerful anti-lynching crusade in the U.S. in the 1890s.

Ida B. Wells

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