basic skills
intermediate skills
advance skills
complex skills

1. Look at the person. 2. Say "okay" 3. Stay calm. 4. If you disagree, ask late. 

Accpeting "NO" for an answer


1. Look at the person. 2. Ask the person if he or she has time to help you (now or later). 3. Clearly describe the problem or what you need. 4. Thank the person for helping you. 

Ask for help


1.Remain calm and relaxed. 2.Listen to what the person in the conflicts are saying. 3. Think of helpful options.

Coping with conflict 


1. Decide on the goal or product. 2. Analyze the critical steps in accomplishing the goal. 3. List any alternative strategies. 

Formulating strategies  


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1. Look at the person. 2.Use a pleasant voice tone. 3. Don't interrupt.

Talking with others .


1. Look at the person. 2. Ask if he or she has time to talk. Don't interrupt. 3. Use a pleasant voice tone. 4. Specifically state what are confused about. Being with "I was wondering if" or "could I ask about." 

Asking for clarification


1. Discuss mutual goals or tasks with others. 2. Know what you must do to help accomplish those goals. 3. Give and accept constructive criticism appropriately with peers. 

Cooperating with others


1. Accurately identify your own strengths and weaknesses. 2. Express appropriate pride and accomplishment. 3. Compensate for weaknesses by accentuating your strengths.

Accepting self


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1. Obey a request to stop a negative behavior. 2. Refrain from teasing, threatening, or making fun of others. 3. Allow others to have their privacy. 

Showing respect


1. Look at the person. 2. Use a pleasant voice tone. 3. Say "hello or "hi".

Greeting others 


1. Use your own property as it is supposed to be used or according to instructions. 2. Avoid needlessly tearing, writing on, or breaking your possessions. 3. When you're done, return possessions to appropriate place.

Caring for own belongs


1. Identify new activities that hold reasonable risks. 2. Evaluate whether these risks could be dangerous or have negative consequences. 3. If appropriate, try the new activity and do your best.    

Taking risk appropriately


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1. Look at the person 2. Say "okay." 3. Don't argue

Accepting criticism or a consequence 


1. Look at person. 2. Use a clear, pleasant voice tone. 3. Make a request in form of a question by saying "would you" and "please." 4. If your request is granted, remember to say, "thank you."

Making a request 


1. Identify and avoid situations in which you are likely to steal. 2.Before you steal stop your behaviors immediately. 3. Instruct yourself to leave the area without stealing.

Controlling impulse to steal 


1. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. 2. List situations in which you have been successful or have had a problem. 3. Plan future activities in consideration of your abilities. 

Assessing own abilities  


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1. Look at the person. 2. Use a pleasant voice tone. 3. Say "I understand how you feel." 

Disagree appropriately 


1. Asking the other person if he or she needs help. 2. Listen to what the person needs. 3. Offer to help in ways that you can. 4. Do what you agree to do for that person.

Offering assistance or help

1. Identify disagreements before they get out of hand. 2. Suggest alternative activities that you and your peer could agree to do. 3. Listen to what your peers suggests. 

Compromising with others 


1. Decide if you are having a serious problem or crisis. 2. Identify the type of professional that can help you. 3. Locate one through a referral from a professional you currently know or in the phone book.

Seeking professional assistance 

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