Stress Response
Brain Talk
Brain Development
Trauma and Adversity of the Brain Brain
Engagement and Behavioral Strategies

Almond shape clusters of neurons in both temporal lobes that is the brain's smoke detector

What is the amygdale

Dr. Lori's Favorite movie about the brain
WHat is Inside Out

The greatest time of brain development when experiences stick to the brain in the most permanent ways!

Approximately the first 1,000 days  (Second trimester through two years of age?) 


The two conditions that the brain and body require for development and well-being? 

What is safety and connection


The two ways with which we address the chronic behavioral challenges and pain based behaviors in our classrooms?

What is relationship and regulation?


Seahorse structure that is responsible for short term memory emotional regulation and learning and can be damaged under stress

What is the hippocampus


At least three things the brain needs to stay healthy

What is exercise, water, deep breaths and sleep 

This is the main ingredient that develops the brain throughout life but especially in childhood and adolescence?
What is experience?

A seahorse structure in our brains that holds our visual spatial and emotional memories! When we are stressed, it does not work as well!  

What is the Hippocampus? 


The framework of Applied Educational Neuroscience is based on what four pillars

What is : Educator brain and Body State, Co-regulation, Touch Points and Teaching Neuroanatomy to our students and staff 


one way to dampen the stress response in our classrooms

What is breathing


weights approximately  3 pounds and consumes 20 percent of our body's energy

WHat is the brain?


The last part of the brain to develop and holds the functions of emotional regulation, sustained attention and working memory among others

What is the Prefrontal Cortex?


The largest public health study conducted 30 plus years ago that has informed us of the long term emotional, mental and physical health outcomes when chronic unpredictable stress is a part of our lives

WHat is the ACE study?


These strategies change up the routine and add novelty to awaken the brain and help it to stay focused

What are brain intervals?


This is how the brain and body communicate and work together all day long! It contains pathways that slow us down or speed us up! 

What is the ANS?

seahorse structure that sits next to the amygdala and is responsible for learning and memory
What is the hippocampus?

This is the second greatest time of brain development and this is when our brains pay attention more to novelty, peers or friends and Processes instructions, procedures and significant emotion, and memories through the amygdala

What is the adolescent brain?


A mental health condition that is affecting youth all over the country with a third of our students carrying this into classrooms- has become the nation's new learning disability

What is anxiety


The practices that are a part of our routines that dampen down the stress response systems and build sustained attention? 

What is Focused Attention Practice?  


Longer term hormone secreted throughout brain and body when we move to an extended  fight flight freeze response

What is cortisol?

Exercises that use breath, sometimes movement, that quiet the stress response
What is a focused attention practice?

When we practice a behavior, skill or feeling or thoughts over and over again, the circuits in the brain become stronger and we become automatic in our responses! 

What is neuroplasticitry? 


Three main roles and functions of the brain in order

WHat is : Survival Emotions Cognition


Three specific touch points for educators and students as we strengthen relationships and build engagement.

What are stories, noticing, questions, dual brain sheet, take your order, validation, identifying emotional triggers and regulation practices?