Circle of Control
Conflict Resolution
Coping Skills
Automatic Negative Thoughts
Size of the Problem/Reaction

Someone is hitting you and you ask them to stop but they don't stop. Is this in or out of your circle of control?

Out of your circle of control


What is an I-Message?

I-Message is an appropriate way to communicate your feelings: 

Ex. When you _______, I felt ______, next time I would like you to __________. 


What are some bad coping skills?

Punching a wall, hitting someone, shouting

What are automatic negative thoughts?

Automatic negative thoughts are also called ANTS, insulting yourself or other people. 


Someone hit you. Is this a small, medium, or big problem?

Medium, you can ask them to stop but if they continue it would be a medium problem because we need an adult. 


Name some anger triggers. 

Ex. someone hitting you, someone calling you names, or someone bragging.


What is the circle of control?

Circle of control is things that you can and cannot control. 


What are boundaries?

Boundaries are telling someone when they do something inappropriate/rude, that we dislike it and the consequences. 


Name 3 coping skills that you like to do.

Ex. Rainbow walk, deep breathing, lemon squeezing


What are some negative thoughts?

"You're stupid", "You're dumb", "I'm stupid", and "It's your fault" etc., 


Someone robbed the bank. Is this a big, medium, or small problem?

Big because someone robbed the bank, we do not have control, and we will need 911 for that. 


What would you do if you were triggered?

Ex. I would use a coping skill
While driving to therapy, Brayden was frustrated with the music his mom and sister were listening to. Brayden stopped and realized this was IN OR OUT OF HIS CIRCLE OF CONTROL?

Out of his circle of control

How would you solve this situation: 

Caleb was calling Brayden "gross" because Brayden was drinking his ranch at lunchtime. 

Brayden could respond by telling Caleb that he likes drinking ranch and Caleb does not have to like it. 

Brayden could ignore Caleb, move away from Caleb, or recognize that this is a small problem and react appropriately. 


Practice the name coping skill. 

Pick a letter from your name and find 5 items in the room that starts with that letter. (Everything does not count...Brayden)


Practice challenging a negative thought: 

"I'm so dumb because I failed my math test"

Example: "Maybe I could have practiced some more but that does not mean I am dumb. I can be smart in different ways". 


You spilled your drink, started screaming, crying, and throwing a fit. Is this a big, medium, or small reaction?

Big reaction- inappropriate reaction. It would be more appropriate to clean up the mess and get a new drink. 


What are anger warning signs?

Anger Warning signs are body signs/feelings that warn you, that you are getting mad. 


Practice the rainbow walk

Name 7 things that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple


Your neighbor's house caught fire and you just sit there then get the hose and try to solve it on your own. Is this an appropriate reaction?

No, it would be more appropriate to call 911 because it is dangerous and a big problem so we need help. 


Your little sister takes the last cookie you wanted. Is this a big, medium, or small problem?

Small, you can solve it on your own and it is not a big deal.