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This movie is special to Bianca because of her longtime pet Wednesday, and is the theme of today's Bridal Shower

What is The Aristocats?


This tv franchise first debuted in 1987 starring 4 turtle heroes named after famous Renaissance artists

What is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


This italian dish is her go-to order wherever available, most famously made at Olive Garden

What is Spaghetti?


This PBS legend has educated children about their emotions with his calm personality, with the help of his friends in the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Who is Mister Rogers?


This Disney Princess with magical golden locks was the first one that Bianca could really connect with

Who is Rapunzel?


Known as "The Merc with a Mouth", this superhero R-Rated film stars Ryan Reynolds as a comedic Anti-Hero from the Marvel universe

Who is Deadpool?


One of Bianca's favorite superheroes, he is a popular web-slinging wise crack from the Marvel universe and is currently played by Tom Holland in the Marvel/Disney films

Who is Spider-Man?


This artist is most famous for being the mastermind behind the MARVEL universe, as well as his cameos in MARVEL films!

Who is Stan Lee?


This film came out the year Bianca was born as well as the theme of her 2nd birthday party, where she dressed as the princess Jasmine

What is Aladdin


This movie franchise follows a famous wizard and his friends as they fighting for good in their secret wizarding world. 

What is Harry Potter?

Bianca's favorite Pixar film, this movie shares a message about taking care of our Earth and people

What is Wall-E?


This former Air Force sergeant decided to teach others about the joy of painting and is known for his Afro and soothing voice.

Who is Bob Ross?

Bianca's favorite Disney character, he is the "half-brother" of Mickey Mouse and is known as the "luckiest rabbit"

Who is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?


Bianca's first exposure to anime, this 90s show featured a teenage girl who turns into a magical girl and fights evil with her friends, each representing a planet from the solar system

What is Sailor Moon?


This musical about a historical American figure, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, has Bianca and Oscar singing their hearts out together.

What is Hamilton?


This daring Australian man expressed his passion for animals, especially for crocodiles, on TV. Now his family continues his animal-loving legacy!

Who is Steve Irwin?


This Disney mouse was the inspiration for the Bride-to-Be's name

Who is Miss Bianca?


An underrated Disney film, it stars Donald Duck and his two friends as they travel through South America and learn of its cultures for his birthday

What is The Three Caballeros


Thanks to her parents' influences, Bianca has a love for the pop culture of this decade

What is the 1980's?


This self-titled TV show host educated kids about different science fields on PBS, and is now educating everyone on Netflix!

Who is Bill Nye?

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