“I see that your birthday was yesterday, happy belated birthday!” 

This statement is an example of which step in the call strategy?

What is acknowledging the caller’s concern or compliment, when appropriate? OR What is step 1?


“May I have your Member ID number please?” 

This is an example of what type of probing question?

What is a situation question?


Which call strategy step asks you to restate what has been agreed upon with the caller and confirming that     you and the caller are aligned on what will happen next?

What is recap and provide next steps? OR What is step 7?


Statements that assure your caller that you will take ownership of the issue and work on solutions are (blank)?

What are "I Can" statements?


What are the three types of probing questions that will help you to uncover a caller’s needs and determine their wants and preferences?

What are situation, issue, and validation questions?


"I will prepare a summary of our conversation. Would you like me to fax that to you or email it?” 

This is an example of which step in the call strategy?

What is provide solutions with options? OR What is step 5?


The two parts of a probing statement include: a question asking permission to probe and an (blank).

What is an explanation of why the caller should allow you to do so?


These types of questions are open-ended and give you big picture information.

What are issue questions?


This call strategy step is extremely important in helping to prevent callbacks. 

What is asking, “Is there anything else that I can help you with?” OR What is step 8?