Camping Foods
Things you Bring
What you Do?
Survival Questions
You can roast me over the campfire to make a tasty treat.
What is Marshmallow
This helps item helps you find your way in the dark
What is a flashlight or lantern
This what you do when you want to explore the area.
What is a hike or walk

If you suddenly feel like you're lost, what should you do? a. Turn around and run as fast as you can back the way you came. b. Hike downhill to reach civilization. c. Hike to the top of a hill so you can get a view of the surrounding area. d. Stop right where you are and wait for someone to find you.

What is Stop right where you are and wait for someone to find you.

I am a small animal and almost resemble a rat.
What is a Squirrel
I am made from Potato's and am crunchy. You can eat me with dip or plain and I come in many flavours.
What is Potato Chips
You use this item as a place to rest your head
What is a Pillow
This is something you do when you want to get cooled off
What is Swim

What is the best way to make a noise signal to call for help? a. Shout the word "help" three times each minute. b. Scream at the top of your lungs. c. Blow a signal whistle. d. Use a stick to bang on a tree trunk.

What is Blow a signal whistle

I am a type of bird, you can find me everywhere and I like to try and get your food.
What is a Seagull
I have many types. I can be green or macaroni or even potato, what am I?
What is a Salad
You use these items to eat your food with
What is Spoons, forks, knives and plates
At night time you make one of these for light, to keep warm and to keep the bugs away
What is build a campfire

Which color of clothing is the easiest for searchers to see in the forest? a. Green. b. Yellow. c. Blue. d. Purple.

What is Yellow.

This animal is black and white and likes to get in to your garbage. They also have a stinky smell
What is a Skunk
You can cook me over the campfire or on the bbq. I'm long and taste delicious with a bun and some ketchup.
What is Hot Dog
At night when it's time for bed you climb in this item, zip it up, lay your head down and fall right to sleep
What is a sleeping bag
This activity involves sand, buckets and shovels. It is often a beach day favourite
What is build a sand castle

What are the two most important pieces of survival equipment for kids to carry in the woods? a. A map and compass. b. Food and water. c. A signal whistle and a Space ® Blanket. d. A knife and a fire starter.

What is A signal whistle and a Space ® Blanket

This animal comes out at night, is small and can fly.
What is a Bat
I am delicious breakfast food and often go well with milk.
What is Cereal
This item you need to put together before you can use it. This item is also used to sleep in.
What is a Tent
This activity involves sand, a net and a ball. Hint: You hit the ball over the net
What is Volleyball

What is the most effective way to attract the attention of searchers who are looking for you? a. Use your Space® Blanket as a big reflective signal mirror. b. Spread out your most colorful clothing in an open space. c. Blow your signal whistle. d. Flash your signal mirror around in the woods.

What is All of the Above

This animal is quite large, will come to your campsite looking for food, eats mostly fish and berries.
What is a Bear
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